TNA Lockdown Was Good But Lacked A Crowd

By Damian Seeto
Image from the official Impact Wrestling Facebook page

TNA Lockdown was on this past weekend and it was better than expected. The only thing ruining the atmosphere was the small crowd.

Lockdown has always been one of TNA’s best events since their inception in 2002. TNA did the right thing and made every match this year inside a steel cage again. Only some matches were inside the cage during the years that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were in the company. With both men gone, TNA can now do what they want.

One of the strong parts of the show was the international flavor. Mexican wrestler Tigre Uno made his debut against Manik in a great high-flying contest. They did not botch their moves like Sin Cara did back when he was in the WWE. There were also a lot of talent from Japan too, thanks to TNA’s cross promotion with Wrestle-1.

Other strong points was the main event “Lethal Lockdown” match featuring Gunner vs. James Storm, and the six-man tag bout that saw wrestling legend The Great Muta. The only average parts were the Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw match and Magnus vs. Samoa Joe.

As exciting as the in-ring action was, the crowd was awfully quiet. There were some moments when they were loud, but it lacked the great atmosphere that TNA had when they were over in the UK. The UK crowds were large and loud. Back in the USA however, crowds are small and quiet. It kind of ruined the atmosphere of the PPV for me as a loud crowd usually makes a show better.

Even when Willow (aka Jeff Hardy) made his appearance, the crowd was rather quiet. Bobby Lashley made a surprise appearance too, but nobody seemed to care apart from a small few.

Hopefully, future TNA crowds are much louder and appear in greater numbers. I’m sure some members of the crowd were vocal, but it didn’t translate well when I was watching it. At least TNA put on a decent show, which should count as a positive. Now they should start concentrating on selling tickets and increasing TV ratings.

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