Is AJ Lee Losing Because Of Relationship With CM Punk?

By David Ridderhoff
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Photo Courtesy of “AJ – WWE” Facebook Page

Despite scoring a submission victory over Natalya on Main Event, reports suggest that AJ Lee is being punished over her relationship with CM Punk. Some insiders are saying that Lee may not even be on the WrestleMania XXX card, while the Diva’s title will be.

All of this stems from Punk’s non-appearance at Monday Night Raw on March 3 in Chicago. The company was ready to be slaughtered by the crowd, and felt that Punk at least showing up would calm the crowd down and make the night easier overall for every member. Punk did not appear.

Even before that night, however, it has been obvious that Lee has been losing power. Her and her “bodyguard” Tamina have lost match after match on television, and even matches Lee has won have been either due to outside interference and weren’t ‘real victories’, as seen at Elimination Chamber. While she walked away with the Diva’s title, it was due to disqualification.

Lee has been losing matches to almost every diva recently, and has taken beatings from Naomi and Cameron, as well as more recent beatings from both Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie.

Some reports are coming out that the WWE plans for a Naomi-Natalya-Nikki Bella match for the Diva’s title at WrestleMania. That would mean Lee losing her title and use up her rematch clause all in the span of four weeks before the biggest show in sports entertainment.

While she still has the title that she has held for over nine months, an off-screen relationship with someone who was one of the biggest draws in the company just a few months ago could be what ends this historic title run. If it is, I really hope the WWE is ashamed for doing it.

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