WWE Fans: Stop Booing Batista

By David Ridderhoff
Batista, WrestleMania XXX, WWE
Photo Courtesy of “Batista – WWE Universe” Facebook Page

The WWE fans in attendance at recent events have booed Batista mercilessly, turning him into a heel much sooner than the WWE had planned on. It’s been great to see the heat that fans have given this clearly out-of-shape wrestler, and the booing has created change. But now fans need to realize that booing only does good things for him, and could lead to the WWE giving him the belt at WrestleMania XXX.

Heels, as is obvious, are meant to make themselves hated. Batista has done a great job of that by flicking off fans and telling them to, “deal with it.” The surprising part of these heel-actions are that Batista originally returned as a face. These actions forced fans to hate him and made him a heel organically. Fans genuinely hate him and boo him loudly. Unfortunately, this may be the downfall to fans’ plans.

On a nightly basis, Batista is booed louder than not only Randy Orton, but also Bray Wyatt and even Triple H. While it is good that his heel character is getting this heat, too much heat could be seen as positive by members of the WWE Creative team. If fans want to prove that they genuinely don’t like him, and aren’t just playing to his heel persona, they should stop booing him and become silent as he walks to the ring; if not, this general disdain will just be seen as character hate instead of personal hate.

While I’m not saying we should not have our voices heard, sometimes being too loud can be a bad thing, and in this case could lead to WWE changing their minds once again on the direction of the company, by giving Batista the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania rather than Daniel Bryan.

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