John Cena May Ruin Wyatts' Gimmick

By williambontrager
courtesy of John Cena-WWE FaceBook

Pro wrestler John Cena is looking to destroy Bray Wyatt. Yes, Cena, you are right; the road to the future has to go through you, but should it?

Wyatt is the most popular heel character and with good reason. He offers something that has not been seen lately: originality in the stories. Now, he has to hold his tongue and point the finger at Cena using vague accusations instead of giving the bare bones truth. And he is still over because this freakish cult leader has a devastating array of moves and a gimmick that is appealing and scary.

That engaging and chilling persona, and that gimmick, was flatly ignored by John Cena, however. The Wyatts are responsible for bringing down the monstrous Kane, and they beat the Shield. They flash hints of brilliance after their eerie entrance and have a chance to be the main heel team, but Cena is trying to stop that. He is not playing ball to get the Wyatts over and instead offers up jokes that are reminiscent of The Rock.

But at least the Rock did not destroy gimmicks. When he wrestled Mankind, yes, he joked with him, but he also lost the belt to him. In no way was Mankind’s insanity diminished. When he wrestled the Undertaker, his eyes got just as big as sauce pots at his entrance, allowing the dead man to have the atmosphere crackle with demonic energy.

Cena is not doing this with Wyatt. Sure, some of his comments are funny, but that is not a way to treat the Wyatts in their beginning stages. Mankind and Undertaker had enough experience to endure The Rock’s brilliant way of poking fun, but Cena is surely not The Rock. Although he tries to be, he does not have the entertainment or the wrestling quality of him, and should not be going against Bray.

This match against John Cena is a mistake in my opinion. I already look less and less forward to the Wyatts because of him. If Wyatt was allowed to take off the kid gloves on his promos, then it might be all right. If Wyatt defeats Cena, or somehow influences Cena to turn on his fans, and his inflatable girlfriend, and show off the dark side of him, then I will be happy. I don’t think any of these things are going to happen, though.

If Cena does what Cena usually does, this may destroy the Wyatt family’s gimmick from being all that it can be.

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