MVP Should Attack Complacent WWE Programming

By williambontrager
courtesy of MVP-TNA Impact FaceBook

Remember the Monday Night Wars? Great television was developed because of competition. In the wrestling world, there was nothing better. Back in the day when Triple H was less annoying, he donned an army helmet and raided the WCW headquarters with his DX degenerates. WWE didn’t have the money or the star power of WCW, but they came out in the end on top. They did it by taking risks.

Those days are long gone, and WWE seems to reign supreme over all other wrestling federations. At least, that is the impression in the mainstream media. On this site alone, WWE seems to be the only thing talked about. It has reached a point where wrestling fans are more interested in the shade of mascara of a WWE diva, then to see who the champion is on another company.

For that to change, a revolt needs to happen. Someone needs to don the army helmet again, and raise the bullhorn, this time against WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment has grown complacent, and Ring of Honor seems to be content with keeping their program somewhat underground. That leaves TNA, who still wrestles on prime-time, and their new leader, MVP.

MVP’s gimmick is an idealistic and old-school-type wrestler. He has encouraged some change in TNA lately after taking Dixie Carter out of the picture. He would be perfect for his new role in going up against Vince McMahon and mouthing off against the giant company.

It doesn’t have to be anything major, but he could start poking fun at his competition. They seem to be developing young talent, whereas WWE is still working on John Cena, Randy Orton and the Big Show. They could mention that their wrestlers bleed sometimes, indicating that TNA’s wrestlers are tougher, or want it more. There are many ways these days that WWE can be attacked, and MVP would be a great person to lead the assault.

Batista could be a source of attack. MVP could mention that he can still wrestle at his age unlike an aging Hollywood wannabe like Dave Batista. The horrendous show, Totally Divas, could be criticized on air also. There are many ways that TNA can appeal to wrestling fans who are fed up with the same programming. It would lead to great television again.

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