Is WWE Taking Subtle Shots At CM Punk Now?

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk With Triple H
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

The WWE kept quiet about CM Punk’s walk-out for at least a month. Now it appears that they are subliminally voicing their opinion on him.

First of all, the WWE handled Raw in Chicago quite well and made sure not to bury Punk publicly. If they start to mock him blatantly, there will be a lot of angry fans that will boycott the shows and may not pay for WrestleMania XXX. However, since Raw ended, the WWE has started to quietly take shots at Punk for leaving the company.

Paul Heyman has been on twitter, boasting how great it was when he tricked us all that Punk would be on Raw. As you know, Heyman entered the ring using Punk’s music. The last tweet he made about the incident stated that we’ve all been “punk’d”. Even though Heyman was a Punk supporter, it seems as if he’s disappointed with the way Punk left the company too.

Even someone as insignificant as Brad Maddox was on twitter saying that the “#hijackraw” movement is pathetic. I’m guessing this is a subtle shot to the crowds that chant “CM Punk” during matches they don’t care about. It’s kind of like him saying that Punk is gone and fans should forget about him already.

The biggest detractors of Punk have been Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. While cutting promos about Daniel Bryan, there have been reports that the promos are actually about Punk in real life. McMahon mentioned to Bryan that he “disrespected my family”. This is a line that could suggest Punk disrespected the McMahon family by walking out. Triple H discussed in a promo about Bryan giving “excuses” all the time. This may also be a reference to Punk about his frustrations how he was booked during his time in the WWE.

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