Triple H Has Had Biggest Impact On WWE Programming In Recent Weeks

By Brian Anderson
Picture Via Official WWE Facebook Page
Picture Via Official WWE Facebook Page

Since taking over as COO of the WWE, Triple H has taken a lot of heat from both fans and colleagues. A lot people frowned on the decision because of their personal opinion on Hunter. It is no secret that the wrestling community believes he did not deserve the role, and was given the opportunity solely behind the fact that he is the son-in-law to Vince McMahon and husband to his daughter Stephanie McMahon.

Whether you like him or not, Hunter is the perfect man for the job. Not only does he have the knowledge as an in-ring performer, he has also learned a lot from being right under Vince’s wing for more than decade now. Hunter has the right set of credentials to flourish in his role as COO and eventually as the head of the company.

The WWE has gone in an entirely new direction since HHH’s best in-ring days. Still, he has adjusted with the times and has found a way to remain relevant within the company, both on and off screen. As Wrestlemania XXX approaches, Triple H’s job becomes increasingly difficult. Through all of the negativity, he has still managed to do things his way, regardless of the fans’ disapproval.

Without Triple H, wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton would not be as relevant as they are today. Triple H knows how to play the game. Since Bryan started feuding with HHH, his popularity has risen to new heights. The same can be said about Orton. Although he is getting a negative reaction, he has become the top heel in the business, and no one can argue that point.

As good as Bryan’s ring performances are, he could never get those reactions that HHH gets from the crowd. I do not believe that he can carry a main event storyline to its climax without being boring. This is the main reason why Triple H incorporates himself in the hottest stories in the WWE. Hunter’s performances over the last few weeks have been legendary. He is obviously all-in for Wrestlemania. He is also helping Bryan, Orton, and Batista get over in the process.

No one will give him the credit he deserves, but HHH is doing a great job bringing that old-school flavor to the new era of WWE programming.

WWE fans should be proud that the company is in the hands of the Game. Wrestlemania XXX is shaping up to be a classic event. Many people are calling for Triple H to drop the ball, but he has done nothing but impress loyal WWE fans worldwide.

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