Triple H is on his "Game" When Playing the Villain

By Dan Marsiglia
Triple H
Courtesy of Triple H – WWE Universe Facebook

After Monday Night Raw from San Antonio, Tex., it’s safe to say that heel Triple H is back — and man, is he back with a vengeance.

In front of more than 15,000 fans at the AT&T Center, Triple H decimated Daniel Bryan after the “Yes Movement” leader was handcuffed by phony police officers. “The Game” assaulted Bryan for more than 10 minutes, throwing him against barricades, bashing him with a steel chair and delivering a devastating pedigree to cap the heinous proceedings. Bryan was placed in a neck brace and presumably stretchered away.

This was a great old-school heat segment and Triple H was at his dastardly best. His disingenuous, task-master spouse Stephanie McMahon wasn’t too far behind either. Steph made sure to land a few slaps on the defenseless Bryan, and her visible lust for Triple H as he brutalized a helpless human being was class-A heel material. The heat is definitely on.

Triple H is a master at playing the villainous role. Fans buy into his persona as someone who will do whatever it takes to be on top, always ready, willing and able to take advantage of people any way he can. Crowds hate him for it and that’s exactly what he wants.

It was a smart move to add the stipulation that Triple H will be put in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match instead of Bryan if “the Game” is victorious in New Orleans. This paints Triple H as a selfish, egomaniacal manipulator who is using Bryan as a means to an end. Everybody who has followed “the Cerebral Assassin” over the years knows his character loves the belt more than anything else in the world. Why not add another element of suspense to the match?

While it may seem like the focus of the program has switched to Triple H, it’s really only for the moment. Make no mistake about it, Triple H is not defeating Bryan at WrestleMania XXX. Whether or not Bryan walks out of WrestleMania as champion is another story. While there’s no doubt he will be part of the triple threat match also featuring Dave Batista and current champion Randy Orton, it’s no guarantee he leaves the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with the strap.

One thing we do know is that mega-heel Triple H is back, and as “the Authority” likes to say, that’s good for business.

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