Triple H Takes Shots At The Rock And CM Punk

Triple H Speaks His Mind

Image from Triple H – WWE Universe Facebook

He has been known to speak his mind on occasion, and Triple H‘s mouth was in full force on this week’s Raw.

During a segment with Randy Orton and Batista, Triple H went on a rampage discussing how fed up he’s been lately. One can suggest this is him just being a heel, but it sounds like he’s a little annoyed in real life about all the things that have been going on backstage lately.

One of the shots he took was clearly aimed at the Rock, even though he was also talking about Batista as well. He said he was sick of “Hollywood movie stars coming back here” and telling him what’s best for the wrestling business. The Rock obviously came back in 2011, 2012 and 2013. I thought it was quite rude that Triple H dissed Rock when he’s not there in person to defend himself.

Triple H also took more shots at CM Punk. He is still annoyed that Punk left while still under contract and feels disrespected because of it. Not to mention, Punk’s reason of leaving was because he refused to wrestle Triple H in the first place.

While in the ring cutting a promo for Daniel Bryan, he admired that Bryan has stayed with the company after all the adversity he had to face. The one quote that was aimed at Punk was when Triple H brought up “not taking your ball and going home”. This is the same quote that was going around when Stone Cold Steve Austin left the company in 2002.

Sometimes I feel Triple H should act more professionally and leave his personal feelings backstage. It’s a bit hypocritical for the WWE to punish wrestlers for speaking their true feelings if someone of power like Triple H does the same thing on television.

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  • n8ball78

    Still real to you I see. Seriously guy calm down its not real.

    • danny4572

      If you think that he didn’t direct what he said towards punk, then you are a fool.

  • JeffHeinsworth

    Great story. And on the money. Triple Ego needs a reality check. Dude, you weren’t Austin in the Attitude Era, you weren’t Rock, you weren’t even Mick Foley. He Wasn’t the Top Draw, never was, and never will be.

    • danny4572

      Well when I was growing up, guys like rock, Austin, Jericho, Foley etc. had more interest.. I would say hhh’s time was around 2001-2001..