Monday’s Raw One of Worst in WWE History

Triple H, Daniel Bryan

Photo Courtesy of “Triple H – WWE Universe” Facebook Page

Monday night, the WWE forced us to watch one of the worst events in its history. From poor matches to an even worse ending, the whole show was a dud that made so many of us want three hours of our life back.

Monday Night Raw started off on a high note, with an excellent promo by three main event stars in Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista. But after that, the show was horrible. Even after this great promo, we were treated to a great match between The Real Americans and The Usos. From there, however, the show disappointed, to say the least.

The next match was Sheamus squashing Titus O’Neil with the aid of Hornswoggle. After the match, the extremely boring storyline between Sheamus and Christian continued with a beat-down by Christian. This storyline is becoming horrible, as Sheamus wins every match only to be attacked after. A horrible match, with a horrible ending.

Following that match was Orton facing Daniel Bryan in a No-Disqualification match that had no great moments until Batista speared Orton, leading to a Bryan victory. Boring match and a boring ending.

The next match was Goldust defeating Fandango in a match that involved Goldust getting injured on a botched Hurricanrana, and Fandango missing a spot leading to an obvious botch. After the win, Goldust was livid with Fandango, and it took three people to calm him down and restrain him from beating Fandango.

Next was another tag team match between The Funkadactyls and AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka. Lee was pinned following a Split-Legged Moonsault from the returning Naomi, and after the match, she yelled at Snuka, forcing Snuka to shove her to the mat. Another boring Diva’s match, which has become common-place for the division. Someone needs to save this division before they’re resorted to bringing back Bra & Panties Matches just to draw interest.

Following this match was an Eight-Man Tag match that involved every superstar that the WWE wants on TV, yet has no legitimate storyline. Big Show and Big E were the stars of the match, while Dolph Ziggler was dominated and Damien Sandow took the pinfall loss. A horrible match that had too many superstars and not enough heat.

The final match of the night was another squash, as fan favorite Kofi Kingston was obliterated by Bray Wyatt. No one was able to enjoy the match, since it took only three minutes.

Sprinkled into this were some small promos, and a scene in which Kane wanted to punish Jerry “The King” Lawler for orchestrating last week’s “Occupy Raw” movement, only for The Shield to beat Kane down.

The last few minutes of the show were pointless, as Triple H beat down Bryan for the better part of 10 minutes while Bryan was handcuffed. While the WWE is reporting Bryan suffered an injury to his previously injured shoulder on its website, it hasn’t been confirmed by the internet community or those close to the situation whether or not the injury is legitimate or just kayfabe. Either way, the whole idea was stupid, as being handcuffed exposes your head, torso and arms to punishment. With how many times we’ve seen Bryan beaten down at the hands of Triple H, the extent of this beating was much, and didn’t truly add anything new to the storyline other than a possible injury.

Overall, Raw was one of the worst televised events I’ve watched from the WWE. Those that complained about this year’s Royal Rumble had to agree and think that this event was so much worse. While it’s not right to expect perfect shows every week, a dud like this is noteworthy and just plain bad.

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  • Gilbert Wright

    Triple H and Stephanie are killing raw. The hatred and meaness that they show is ugly. Why must Bryan get beat so much? and their obvious racist demeanor, every black wrestler gets brutally beaten on every show. They treat Big E like he is nothing putting him in two matches for them clowns Swagger and his partner to. do as they please to him. and Worlds Strongest Man ? Please…He never gets a chance to win. And Cena has to get his ass kicked for all but one minute of every match that he is in just to keep on winning. I am slowly losing intrest though I know it is fake, H and his wife are destroying it.

    • n8ball78

      Yeah giving a black guy (big e) the IC title even though its obvious he’s a dus screams racism. As far as Bryan getting beat down, its called building heat for triple h. I swear this site has the most idiotic “fans” in the world.

      Raw wasn’t perfect but it was good. The ending was awesome. If the wwe is so awful (and “racist) why are you still watching it? I mean nobody is forcing you to watch it. I don’t like reality prograns, and you know what? I don’t watch them. I stopped watching wrestling from 04-07 because I didn’t enjoy it any more. Its that simple. Get a life ans stop watching something you clearly don’t like. Oh and if you really thought it was “racist”, you wouldn’tbe watching the wwe. Unless you make it a habit of supporting people who you find racist. Which would make yourself one too.

    • Gilbert Wright

      Don’t be an asshole, I watch with my sons. I can have my own opinion without you taking it personally. I have been watching wrestling for over 30 years and believe me I know more about it than you do .Don’t be a dick head .I have a life and im sure it is better than yours.

  • mimi

    Worst it was the best Raw EVER!! I hate Daniel Bryan and his Yes movement that is the worst thing to happen to Raw and the WWE