WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Returning at WrestleMania 30?

By Andrew Fisher
Vince McMahon
Getty Images

WrestleMania 30 is just two short weeks away. The top of the card is basically set, it’s now just a matter of putting together the mid-card and fine tuning some storylines. But when I say that the top of the card is ‘basically’ set, we all know what that means. The main event WWE title match is going to have an added participant — Daniel Bryan or Triple H.

But how WWE is going to book the finish to Bryan/HHH and the WM 30 main event, remains somewhat of a mystery. One popular theory that I subscribe to, is that Vince McMahon will get involved.

Does Vince need to appear at WM 30? No. The event could still be five stars without him. He hasn’t been on television in months and he’s not part of any current storyline. But I think the fact that he hasn’t been mentioned by name recently is a telling sign.

Triple H and Stephanie haven’t actually said ‘Vince McMahon’, even though they’ve constantly been talking about ‘their family’s’ business for weeks now. Also, if you remember back over six months ago, there was once a rumored WM 30 feud that was supposed to take place between HHH/Stephanie and Vince. A ‘power struggle’ story, if you will.

Those plans have obviously been scrapped for now. But what if the power struggle starts at WM 30? What if Vince comes out and puts Bryan in the main event after he gets screwed over by HHH and/or The Authority? That’s what I see going down.

To swerve the fans, albeit for only a few minutes during the biggest show of the year, I think HHH beats Bryan in dirty fashion. Then just when it looks like he’s headed to the main event, cue ‘No Chance in Hell’.

I’m not sure what to think on the possibility of a fatal 4-way WWE title match, but it’s definitely on the table. Either way, I’m predicting that we will see Vinny Mac at WM 30. Crazy enough, he could be the babyface authority figure saving the day. What a difference 15 years makes.

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