Triple H Continues To Bury CM Punk On TV

By Damian Seeto
Triple H Has A Big Mouth
Image from Triple H – WWE Universe Facebook

Even though it’s been close to two months since CM Punk left the WWE, Triple H is still taking jabs at him on TV.

The WWE remained quiet after Punk left the company, but now it seems they’re not holding back their feeling anymore. Even since Punk no-showed Raw in Chicago, some people have made it very clear how they feel about Punk right now. People like John Cena remain quiet about the subject, but Triple H still subtly pulls punches on him.

Last week, Triple H cut a promo admiring how Daniel Bryan stayed with the company and didn’t take his ball and go home. This week on Raw, he talked about how he feels about wrestlers today and how “weak” they are. On TV, he said people like Bryan cry like babies when they don’t get what they want. I’m very certain that in real life, this is referring to Punk instead of Bryan.

Punk has let the world know how he usually feels about WWE management. He was very frustrated with his position in the company and wanted to make a change. He initially wanted to leave WWE in 2011, but stayed in hopes of changing things. Almost three years later, Punk left the company as he felt he didn’t change anything since the WWE continues to push the same guys.

Triple H of all people shouldn’t moan about others crying about not getting what they want. Triple H has always been in a position of power and always got what he wanted. The only time he was not in a position of power was when he was wrestling in WCW. After he came to the WWE and made quick friends with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash, he’s always got what he wanted.

I’m hoping Triple H one day starts to change and rewards wrestlers who actually work hard. As for right now, he gives good positions to all of his friends while other wrestlers have been stuck in the mid-card for many years doing nothing. He should do what he preaches and do what’s “best for business” not do what’s “best for his friends”.

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