WWE Rumors: Maria Menounos Making Return?

By RanterX
Maria Menounos
Getty Images

OMG, have you heard the latest on Maria Menounos? The popular host is rumored to be out at Extra, possibly due to a conflict with co-host Mario Lopez. Either way, it looks like her contract isn’t going to be renewed. So, could this mean that she’ll be returning to WWE in the near future?

It’s certainly possible, as Menounos seems to have an on-going relationship with the world-wide leader in sports entertainment. She lasted appeared for the company a year ago, when she inducted Bob Backlund into the WWE Hall of Fame. To say that she was an odd choice to induct Backland, would be a huge understatement. The two are apparently friends, but I just couldn’t buy it.

Towards the end of her HOF introduction speech, the New York crowd was really starting to get on her. Why? They and the current WWE Universe know that’s she an impostor. She’s not really part of the ‘family’, even though WWE will claim that she is.

In reality, Menounos is just good for business. She’s another way that WWE branches out into other entertainment fields.

I’ll give her credit, she does seem to genuinely like WWE. It’s just that the fans, don’t really care for her. And why should they? She’s pretty and talented, but even the most beautiful divas on the roster full-time have difficulty getting over with crowds.

So if Menounos’ schedule is open about two weeks from now, don’t be surprised to see her during Wrestlemania weekend. As for the future, who knows what kind of role she might have in the company. WWE did just start up its own network, maybe they’ll look to start their own version of Extra?

We can only hope that’s not the case.

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