The Ringing in of the Wyatt Family's Dark New Era

By josephrandazzo
The Wyatt Family
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The Wyatt Family was fashionably relevant for the first time on Raw this Monday night at the Barclay Center. They would fit in well at those hipster dive bars in the area with their straw fedoras, long beards, try-too-hard-to-not-look-like-they’re-trying-too-hard button summerhouse shirts, and of course, the hatred of “the machine.”

Thankfully, the Wyatt Family is not a bunch of hipsters regurgitating what Bill Maher said and is actually the type of cultish militia-men they claim to be. This wasn’t more evident than when they stamped their sheep mask on a tired John Cena’s face on Monday night. Everything nice in the PG Era should beware. All that we have gotten used to is set be torn down.

Bray Wyatt can try to be the bad guy all he wants, but he speaks for a lot of frustrated people. This is why he’s the future. His words are for those who chose the red pill over the blue. One of those promos where he spoke a cruel truth took place a few weeks ago when he called Nikki Bella a “plastic girlfriend.” It was the type of promo that cut deep.

I’m sure the Bella’s are good people, but he was right. They never had a real moment in front of the camera. I remember when Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family. For two weeks Brie Bella was interviewed by Josh Matthews. She gave the sort of answer you’d expect from someone whose thoughts have been molded and warped into a series of press releases.

There was no fright in her voice. Not only did she prove to be just another barbie, it also showed that Bray wasn’t so far off.

The WWE goes through phases and Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erik Rowan are ready to deliver a dark one. Some eras are dominated by heels while others are more dominated by faces. The company has been face heavy with Cena as “the guy” and as much as I respect him, his reign was filled with plastic moments.

There were the Raw guest hosts, flashy shirts and Scooby-Doo campaigns. I don’t blame Cena for this. He just fits the mold of such an era perfectly. Of course, years of this have to come with a backlash and Bray Wyatt is that backlash incarnate. He’s willing to melt the plastic even if it means we all choke on the fumes.

Wrestlemania 30 will be the beginning of Bray Wyatt’s revolution. We’ll see just how quick they’re ready to push him in his match against Cena. It doesn’t have to be a fair win, but if Bray Wyatt does score a pinfall, then the WWE is serious about heading into a new direction. I can see the match ending with the Wyatt’s horrifically assaulting Cena and sending him off TV for a while.

A finish like that makes sense. The trend is for wrestlers to do the part-time thing and Cena has put in years of work. He has solidified his legacy and it is time Bray Wyatt set the foundation for his.

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