Everything WWE Fans Want Shouldn't Happen At Wrestlemania 30

By josephrandazzo
Wrestlemania 30
Photo Courtesy of Triple H – WWE Universe Facebook

I’m friends with a girl who is dating a homeless guy. He isn’t homeless to the point where he spits on lost tourists looking for Times Square. It’s the type of homeless where he bounces from house to house and is just malnourished enough for him to have a six pack without working out. The reason I bring this relationship up is because it reminds me of the state of WWE Universe.

Both WWE fans and this girl have a sort of poisonous infatuation. She derives pleasure from watching him flirt with other women while the #YesMovement becomes louder the more Daniel Bryan gets wronged. Unhappiness is super sexy in both entities.

If you were to analyze a WWE audience’s mindset after the Royal Rumble, what you would see is hate. From the crowd’s reaction, you’d think a riot was about to happen after Rey Mysterio, a man who could fly, was booed for coming out at number 30. It seemed like things were going to get even worse after Batista won. What happened instead is that they kept watching.

Wrestling fans weren’t really angry. Deep down inside, I think they liked feeling the hate. If they didn’t, they would just stop tuning in to USA every Monday. This is why Vince McMahon is a genius. He sees things normal people just don’t.

As we get closer to Wrestlemania, I really want to see the worst possible ending just for the reaction. Triple H has to walk out as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Fans will yell and scream if it happens, but they already showed their true colors as punks who keep coming back for more.

A Triple H win is best for business. The WWE gave fans what they wanted when John Cena became champion, and all they did was turn on him a few years later. I think what’s going on now with the constant Bryan screwjobs is punishment for that. Vince tried giving them what they wanted once, and look what they did with the present.

This is a new breed of fan that doesn’t like eating vitamins and saying prayers, but rather being beaten down both emotionally and ideologically. Maybe I’m just a negative person, but I really enjoy how angry people get over something that is out of their control. Fans act as if a Bryan title reign would make them happy. If he is champion long enough, they will turn on him too.

At the end of the day, Bryan is a made man. He doesn’t need a title and is well past the Ziggler point of getting whacked during a time when he thought he was getting made. Bryan is too over for that to happen. Plus, he’s dating a Bella. Does he really need a championship?

Anything that would make fans angry at this point is cool in my book. The real show isn’t Wrestlemania. It’s watching a horrified group in a sold-out stadium sitting through a back-to-back double header of heartbreak which includes Brock Lesnar beating the streak and having an all Evolution main event.

What’s beautiful is that the WWE has a chance to be totally pompous. After Triple H wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Orton and Batista should raise the Game’s hands in triumph. After that, Triple H needs to be lifted out of the ring while sitting on a throne carried by the Poffo family. That will be how the WWE shows gratitude for the Macho Man’s legacy. Once they reach the top of the ramp, each and every member of Degeneration X should be there waiting and tepidly clapping as a show of respect for their king.

The WWE can get away with that because everyone is still tuning in week in and week out. The punks are hooked, and I can’t wait to see how angry they get. I’ll be let down if Bryan wins. That won’t be best for business.

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