WWE Has To Control Fans

By David Ridderhoff
bray wyatt
Photo Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

Okay, this is not a hate speech about fans, but quite the opposite. Recently, the WWE fans have gotten behind their favorite superstar, so much so that the promotion had to change the biggest storyline heading into WrestleMania XXX just to appease them.

This is a big deal, considering the fact that the company did not have to do this. However, the fans changing the storylines and wrestlers’ statuses has started to become a problem for the WWE, and they have to find a way to handle the fans.

Changing the biggest storyline in the company just for fan appeasement is a major problem for the creative team, who are paid to figure out what will create the best content for not only the fans, but also the superstars. Just because the fans want a certain superstar as champion doesn’t mean they should give into their demands, as this could lead to many superstars in the back getting angry and asking when it will be their time to succeed.

Storylines aren’t the only problem that the WWE fans have attempted to change. So many superstars’ statuses have changed due to fans. Just a while ago, fans played into the “face-heel” status of superstars. Now, that status means almost nothing. Look at superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Bray Wyatt, who were (or still are) considered heels, yet get cheered much louder than plenty of faces on the roster.

This puts the WWE in a bad situation where they either must change the status of their heels or change other faces into full heels.

While it is awesome to see the WWE fans stand in support of their favorite superstars, forcing the WWE to change their storylines and superstar statuses is not good, and could lead to lower-quality content in years to come.

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