2014 Hasn't Been Kind To WWE Superstar Damien Sandow

By Dan Marsiglia
Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara
Courtesy of Official Damien Sandow WWE Facebook

Damien Sandow‘s fall from grace hasn’t been pleasant viewing in 2014. Although he’s still a cocky, arrogant pedant of the highest order, it’s hard to take someone seriously when they are consistently buried on television.

Sandow has one victory to his credit this year, a pinfall decision over Sin Cara on the Jan. 14 edition of WWE Main Event. Sin Cara has since defeated Sandow in three consecutive matches, two of which were contested in about 60 seconds. He was also the first superstar eliminated from the Royal Rumble. Sandow’s overall record in 2014 is a paltry 1-14, and he’s lost his last 12 matches.

In many ways, this turn of events is a big surprise. Sandow seemed poised for a star-turning run after he won the Money in the Bank match on Jul. 13. Instead of capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and solidifying himself as a player, Sandow became the first person to lose an unannounced cash-in match when he was pinned by John Cena on the Oct. 28 edition of Monday Night Raw.

The situation is even more puzzling considering Sandow has the talent to be a top star on the heel side of the spectrum, something the company sorely lacks at the moment. He’s good in the ring and still improving, and he has better mic skills than almost all of the mid-card talent on the roster. At 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, he also has the look that Vince McMahon and co. prefer. So what gives?

Perhaps it was a case of too much too soon, and they decided that he hadn’t paid enough dues in the business. This theory is a little strange when you realize that Sandow is in the prime of his life at 31 years old and has been wrestling for 13 years. However, time spent outside the WWE doesn’t count as far as WWE brass is concerned.

Sandow’s first run on WWE television came in late 2006, wrestling as Idol Stevens alongside tag team partner KC James. They were taken off of TV before the year was over. His current character has been on TV for two years.

It’s also possible that those in power don’t see the potential in Sandow as a top guy. He might not be, but burying him week after week is a great way to ensure we never find out.

Hopefully things turn around for Sandow. More importantly, he can’t let himself get frustrated. Someone with his abilities can’t be held down forever.

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