The Undertaker Is WWE's Black Sabbath

By josephrandazzo
Undertaker Wrestlemania Streak
Feature Image Courtesy of Undertaker – WWE Universe Facebook Page

On Monday, I saw Black Sabbath at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I got a real appreciation for icons at that show. If you really think about it, how many are left from that era? Well, in wrestling, the Undertaker is the last icon. His career outlasted those of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock.

The Undertaker is the one guy who has always been there. It doesn’t matter how bad the product may have been, how far ahead in the ratings WCW was, or how goofy the storyline. Undertaker was there to put on a show. If there ever was an Ozzy of professional wrestling, then he is that guy.

The parallels between the two are unlimited. Both are Princes of Darkness and both put out new work that is just ahead of everybody else. Last year, nothing could touch Sabbath’s album “13.” A little before “13” came out, the Undertaker stole the show at Wrestlemania. Listen to the crowd during Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H and the “Once in a Lifetime” rematch (how does that even work?). Met-Life stadium was left drained because of how good Taker and Punk were.

Both Ozzy and Taker have bounced back from some odd times. For a while, Ozzy tried to fit in with the hair metal scene of the 80s. The tight pants and glittered hair just wasn’t right for him, and well, just about anybody in music.

Undertaker went through his own era of fitting in when Fear Factor was big and he made Tommy Dreamer drink his own puke out of a spackle bucket. Both guys have long since been removed from those years and returned to the dark side on a full-time basis.

I know what I’m saying isn’t a hard-hitting statement, but there never will be another Undertaker again. He is such an icon that he doesn’t need a deep buildup against Brock Lesnar. The streak has turned into a monster that carries its own weight, and this is where he and Ozzy are the most alike.

The two icons don’t need to promote themselves. They are at such a high level that you know you’ll get a show better than anybody else can deliver. Shawn Michaels might be called Mr. Wrestlemania and Led Zeppelin might own the airwaves despite being thieves, but Ozzy and Taker don’t need to speak. Granted, Ozzy can’t really speak all that well if he wanted to.

All they have to do is stand there and people will flock toward them. Everyone knows going in that if you’re going to watch Undertaker at Wrestlemania or see Ozzy live, you’re about to witness something special.

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