AJ Lee Needs to Leave Wrestlemania as Divas Champion

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

Photo Courtesy of AJ Lee – WWE Universe

AJ Lee losing the Divas Title at Wrestlemania XXX in the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational would show the WWE isn’t worried about the competitive aspect of that division. She has held the title for over 300 days and is the first female wrestler since Trish Stratus and Lita fans felt invested in. Even Lita believes the division has been suffering.

“Let’s say a generation is seven years. It has been about seven years since Trish and I left. We left within a few months of each other,” she told the Miami Herald. “The Divas division took quite a hit. I would love to see it get that spark again, that involving a deep roster that you could have a bunch of compelling characters — ones you want to go out there and see.”

After all AJ has done to get over, the grossest thing to happen that night is her dropping the title in some E Network promotional match. I’d be happier with Batista becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion and giving the title a skinny jean theme the next night on Raw.

I understand that AJ’s a heel and the bad guy needs to go down at some point but at least have it done with grace. I kept hearing how she’d drop the title to Cameron at Wrestlemania, but I’m still trying to figure out how that makes sense.

All they have in common is they’re women in the same division. A one on one match between AJ and Tamina is a better idea than going against Cameron or that Invitational.

For one, a match like that has a Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Nash throwback feel. (Tamina is a better wrestler than Nash too; let’s be honest.) After months of being swatted around and having cake thrown at her, the body guard has had enough and then finally she strikes. If wrestling is all about the stories then there’s your story right there.

The problem with the Divas division is there are no feuds anymore unless it fits in with the Total Divas schedule. It’s great the WWE has a television show but not all the women in the company are a part of it. AJ Lee, the best they have, has avoided it like the plague and now this might be her downfall.

I’m hoping AJ does win. It makes her come off as a dominant champion, and this could set up a great war between her and Paige from NXT. The unbeatable Diva meets the immovable Raven.

People don’t care as much about the Divas division, but I do. I remember the old days when the women were  important to main feuds. Trish Stratus added a twisted angle in the match between Vince McMahon and his son Shane at Wrestlemania 17. It would be cool to see something like that today.

How great would it have been if Nikki Bella was abducted by the Wyatts and you have a classic Super Mario match-up? The twist is she ends up marrying Bray because Cena has commitment issues. It’s too good of an idea.

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  • Otherside Jackass

    Finally a article with sense….I agree Aj should not lose the title…if she does lose the title to a total diva….Im done with the division

    • TeamAJ

      Seems that way since like the artice said to a total divas schedule I like AJ to retain especially since the odds are stacked against her as the underdog but this is gonna be very Interesting since its 1 fall and she does not have to be pinned.

      • Otherside Jackass

        Yea..it just goes to show WWE creative have no idea what the fuck they are doing…they dont even realize their making Aj look like the underdog and the underdogs gets CHEERED…They make the total Divas look like a bunch of jumping assholes. It should have been Aj vs Tamina anyways..that would have made more sense and would have been a personal match, given their history…and your right the odds are stacked against her…I just hope WWE makes the right decision to keep aj Champion and develop a fued, if not, their gonna have one less rating when the divas come on the TV screen.

      • Cade MacQueen

        I feel as though the creatives at WWE would try their best to fit in the pin on her though. Aj may be a heel (or villain) champion but she is the only diva on the division who gets as much applause as popular male superstars. I do agree that if she wins though that they definitely want the underdog storyline for her next. It also just occurred to me that if Aj did lose the title it would mean that Vickie wins…. And not even the biggest heel fan wants that.

        • TeamAJ

          Exactly but what I wanna know is If aj lose whats gonna be next for her she done mostly everything Longest reigning champion, first ever diva contract signing, raw gm, Pipebomb promo, paired up with some of the male superstars, and now the first diva to defend the divas title at WM

          • Cade MacQueen

            Now that Aj lost to Paige I realize that that was the only reason that she retained at WMXXX. But oh well.

  • Cade MacQueen

    It would make absolutely no sense if Aj lost the title to anybody but Tamina at this point. They have put so much emphasis on the evolution of their story. If Aj lost the title to Cameron at WM I would lose all of my interest in the Divas division. Aj is the best Diva in the division (she may be closely followed by Tamina and Natalya) but nobody else even compares. No pirate disco queen like Naomi, and certainly not the Bella twins.

  • Brandon Roberts

    i think tamina should win having aj lose her title and only friend heartbroken she contemplates suicide but bray wyatt stops her and she joins the wyatt family as brays girlfriend and have her skipping around in sundresses spreading wyatts word

  • julie gonzen

    Fuck AJ Lee and the stupid sexual faces she makes that mean absolutely nothing. Her title region was useless, any diva from total divas would be better then this bitch.

    • Ayame Kanna Marsh

      I disagree with you that someone froom total divas deserve the title even if you don’t like AJ. Or have you forgotten AJ pipebomb on all the total divas & how it didn’t go anywhere for real because they where all sensitive about the pipebomb why would you won’t 1 of the to be champion only person that could be consider is Tamina

  • Lea LoveLace Ambrose

    I feel like AJ has improved a lot from her title reign as champ, but if she does drop the title, I’d want it to be by Naomi or Tamina. They’re the only ones who seem legit to win.

    • Saku Raitonen

      Nah! NATALYA deserves to become 2nd Time DIVAS CHAMP! :) NATALYA is the most talented, with ALICIA FOX! Natalya or Fox NEEDST to become the next champ! :) AJ ” BITCH / SLUT/HORSE FACED ” LEE losesFINALLY, and end of the story! :P

  • Natanael Zc

    Sigh, everyone talking about AJ and her looks, her “perfection”, her being the best diva, and for what, winning ONLY 1 CHAMPIONSHIP and NOTHING ELSE. argue if you want, but I rather see other divas in the spotlight to, with purpose, with action, with personality, with some that the fans can relate to (and not just to the bratty girly girls, or to the over testosteroned over hyped douche bags that fall for any WWE commercial/storyline/ random diva bodypart, but to an audience that can enjoy wrestling as an awesome sport), not this babyface girly bullcrap. Srsly, there should be other Divas with personality and skill other than AJ lee (Naomi and Tamina can be just as good, just Naomi deserve to find an angle that she can benefit from, and as for Tamina she should show more personality, by stepping out of her fathers’ shadow and become her own woman with her own storyline, and with her strength she could be the next chyna if she could! and it wouldn’t hurt if they had 2-3 divas matches per episode, and add more divas that aren’t just “Divas”, but actual wrestlers with different body types, unique skills, fun personalities akin to the wrestlers of the 1980′s-1990′s, thaqt the audience can enjoy without being bored of haveing AJs ass being shoved down their throats by HHH’s and Stephs stupid, selfish greedy business hands. ) Srsly, :/