Batista Is The MVP Going Into Wrestlemania

By josephrandazzo
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I take back hating Batista like every other fan in the WWE Universe. Running with the mutants was a hack thing of me to do. It’s like I became the type of fan who thinks they’re forward thinking by chanting “Cena sucks!” The reason I say this is because lately, Batista has been saying things which resonate with me more than the Yes Movement has.

I’m sure this is sacrilege to say, but it’s true. It hit me how awesome Batista was while watching this week’s Wrestlemania press conference. Those poor WWE superstars spoke in front of members of the press who looked like they were forced to take the assignment because they were new. As much as I love WWE, I understand why people don’t like it, and oh boy, it was apparent how much those journalists at the Wrestlemania press conference didn’t care. Everyone on stage bombed.

That wasn’t the uncomfortable part of the event though. It was watching wrestlers stay in character in front of people who had no idea what was going on.

Daniel Bryan was one of the superstars who tried to stay in character. It was really hard to watch a grown man attempting to get a bunch of people to chant “yes!” when they didn’t want to be there. He tried twice and both times the crowd was silent. The only person to get a good reaction was Batista.

Batista started off his time at the podium by completely trashing the writer who wrote his speech.

“This is a little awkward,” Batista said as the crowd laughed. “I had all this stuff they asked me to say and I said there’s mostly press out here so I kind of want to go off script and speak from the heart. This is all garbage I wouldn’t say anyway. I don’t know how this person has a job.”

Batista then attacked the fans after going off on the speech writer. For about a minute he called them wimps and said he was proud of his skinny jeans. It was nice to a person act like a human up there instead of the robot they play on television.

Randy Orton then followed Batista and got zero reaction. He spoke about defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as if the press knew what he was talking about. Watching that after what Batista did on the podium made me realize the Animal isn’t trash, he’s underrated. He was gone for two years and did a better job than everyone else.

The great thing about Stone Cold and CM Punk was how outspoken they were. With those two gone, Batista has been filling in that role. During an interview with the Washington Post, Batista admitted he told WWE management that he was against a babyface run for his comeback.

He got so much crap from fans for being oblivious after the Royal Rumble. The reality of the situation was that he called this blunder before they did.

After keeping a close eye on Batista this week, he has completely won me over. To be honest, I wouldn’t even mind if he left with the title at Wrestlemania. He’s such a good heel and the WWE needs that more than they need a run from someone they love.

Wrestling fans are like little girlfriends. Give them what they want, and they’ll become bored. Give them Batista, and they will pay attention. He’s such a great scumbag that the WWE Universe won’t be able to turn away.

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