Yes Movement Doesn't Equal Ticket Sales for Wrestlemania: 3,000 Seats Still Available

By josephrandazzo
Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania
Photo Courtesy of Triple H – WWE Universe

So maybe Triple H wasn’t off about Daniel Bryan being a B+ player. You would think for a guy that’s so beloved, the YES Movement would go out in droves to see him live, especially for the biggest moment of his career. This doesn’t seem to be the case though. On StubHub there are still 3,000 empty seats left for Wrestlemania XXX.

What’s more surprising than that is that some tickets are going for $14, $15 and $16 dollars. The price of a ticket would never fall so hard in a real market. WWE made the Drew Brees mistake of choosing New Orleans instead of going somewhere people will watch like Miami, New York or LA.

The WWE Universe keeps trashing John Cena, but every time he main events, you at least notice the stadium is packed out. Let this be a lesson the next time they go with the fan favorite instead and put Cena in the midcard. Love doesn’t equal ticket sales to the modern wrestling fan. They need to complain like 100 percent of all past girlfriends in order to emotionally invest.

Everybody who whines over Bryan should reimburse the McMahon family. In an earlier article, I compared fans to the girlfriend who gets their way and becomes bored. The lack of ticket sales is proof of this.

The Game gave the YES Movement a shot. He allowed Orton to hold the belt and carry on with a cute little bad guy run too. Now, it’s time Triple H goes back to square one by making himself champion. You can call this the bury movement all you want.

As punishment for being bad fans and not keeping their end of the bargain, the WWE Universe needs to be tortured. The closing moments of Wrestlemania should show the reforming of Evolution.

Batista, Orton and Triple H beat down Bryan, and Orton, the good soldier he is, lets General Helmsley become champion. After that, Orton and Batista carry Triple H up the ramp in honor of him carrying them to jump start their careers. Once they are under the titantron, CM Punk then joins them while wearing a suit. As a prize for becoming a member of the Authority, he is handed the title.

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