Triple H Buries Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Batista All The Way To Wrestlemania’s Main Event

By josephrandazzo
Triple H Wrestlemania 30
Photo Courtesy of Triple H – WWE Universe

The title of this article was totally a sarcastic one. I hate how Triple H gets a lot of crap as the guy who “buries” talent. The modern wrestling fan likes to think of themselves as these intelligent people who know the ins and outs, but to be honest, they are as dumb as they have ever come.

The difference between a fan now and a fan who watched Andy Kauffman in Memphis is the internet. In order to have your message printed somewhere, it used to be that you needed talent and had to work to get there. Now any guy with crap self-esteem can post something on the internet and other guys with crap self-esteem can agree.

Saying Triple H has buried someone is less of a wrestling statement but more of a cultural one. Everyone makes their own destiny. If something goes wrong, you cut another path out for yourself. Just look at what Colt Cabana has done with podcasting.

To even entertain that Triple H has held another wrestler back just shows how smarks are used to having ideas in their head of not taking responsibility. It’s typical of most posters on the internet. Whenever something goes wrong, they blame an outside force instead of directing that anger inward. If anything, Triple H has helped more people than he has brought down.

The main event of Wrestlemania XXX features two former Evolution upstarts and the possibility of a guy who looks like he doesn’t have a neck when he wears a suit. It was unimaginable at Wrestlemania III that Daniel Bryan, someone my height, could even be thought of as a main event player.

It’s no coincidence that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have emerged as stars since Triple H started having stronger influences backstage. A few years ago, Punk was finally recognized as a talent on par with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock after unfairly being relegated to mid-card status. He went from losing back-to-back Wrestlemanias, to holding the WWE title for more than 400 days.

If you go back to the Attitude Era, you’ll notice Triple H gave Chris Jericho his first major feud in the WWF. Up to that point, he was the biggest person Jericho had ever faced in a main event angle. I don’t think I count his feud with Goldberg back in WCW, because it wasn’t about making Jericho a star. It was about having another person fed to Goldberg. That’s the definition of burying.

During their feud, Triple H allowed Jericho to call his future wife a “filty-dirty-disgusting-brutal-bottom-feeding-trash-bag-hoe.” At some points in their rivalry the Game even looked weak by dropping the WWF Title (even though it was taken back an hour later) and Tag Team Championship to Jericho.

In their best match, the Last Man Standing at Fully Loaded, Jericho drew Triple H’s blood and took him to the brink. From that point forward, Jericho went on to become Undisputed Champion and solidified himself as a professional wrestling star the way the Goldbergs of professional wrestling have never done for a guy Jericho’s size.

Now, let’s go back 10 years. Chris Benoit, yet another guy under appreciated guy in the business up to that point, made him tap out to the crossface for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wresltemania XX. Not only did he beat Triple H that night, he also took out another prominent member of the clique Shawn Michaels.

A few weeks after that, Shelton Benjamin, a guy known for being Kurt Angle’s lackey in Team Angle, pinned Triple H on Monday Night Raw. It was probably the biggest upset in the show’s history. Maybe Benjamin’s WWE career didn’t pan out the way he wanted it to, but Triple H at least tried to help him.

The list of what Triple H has done to help talent goes on and on. On a level bigger than feuds with Jericho, Bryan and Benoit, Triple H has taken charge of NXT. The revamping of the show has given spotlight to 30 future stars.

Guys like Sami Zayne, Adrian Neville and Corey Graves would be relegated to WCW‘s Cruiserweight division or be jobbers because of their size. Now, all three are set to be established stars. How dare smarks say he has buried anybody?

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