Brock Lesnar Beats Undertaker’s Streak in Boring Fashion

Brock Lesnar Beats Undertaker

Image from Brock Lesnar – WWE Universe Facebook

The biggest moment has happened at WrestleMania XXX as Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar in a fashion nobody expected to happen.

Undertaker is no longer undefeated at WrestleMania. He lost in a brutal fashion as Lesnar beat him cleanly in the middle of the ring. There was no outside interference from Paul Heyman or anything like that. Lesnar beat him by doing the F-5 (three times overall) and that was that.

The one thing that annoyed me the most was that the match itself wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. The match was much slower and boring than Undertaker’s past WrestleMania matches. This one was just not that exciting and the crowd wasn’t really into it that much. Not to mention the ending made a lot of people literally cry and leave the building.

Another factor is that Lesnar is not the person who should have ended his streak. He’s a part-time wrestler and doesn’t need the rub to end Undertaker’s streak. Lesnar is still undefeated against Undertaker in one-on-one competition, so it actually made more sense for Undertaker to win this time around.

One another mystery is that it’s possible this could be Undertaker’s retirement match. This is another disappointing factor because many people thought that he would face Sting at WrestleMania 31. If that match still happens, it’s anticipation won’t be so grand now that Undertaker is no longer defeated at WrestleMania.

I also wanted to see Undertaker face John Cena at WrestleMania one day too. If this match happens in the future, it won’t have a big feel to it either now that Lesnar stole the thunder.

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  • NotoriousRambo

    Lesner would pretty much disappear now smh so disappointed the way they choose to end it like it never mattered or it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be are u kidding me? Was hoping sting would have ended it or someone who has put in work in the wwe for a decade or more that truly deserved it **sigh**…….

    I can see it now when Vince or hunter are being interviewed because there is gonna be a lot of disappointed fans who will want an answer as to why it ended so horribly and they will answer the fans with well people seem to forget this is the entertainment business just like they said about the Montreal screw job smh.

  • Anna Nyoki

    Hilarious that you think Sting, a guy who’s not a WWE guy, should end the Undertaker’s streak while Lesnar, who put in some serious work in the WWE years ago, shouldn’t be the guy.

    Also, let’s realize something: Undertaker’s OLD. He can’t throw down a great match like he used to and you’re not going to get many more. Maybe this was his call, maybe he did the best he could and ended it like he wanted. Ever consider that?

    • Farva55

      The match sucked. This was all on WWE creative, hands down.

      • Anna Nyoki

        No it’s not. The Undertaker was hurt and broken going into the match. He’s done. Plus, he’s wanted Brock to break the Streak for years.

    • Guest

      Nobody deserved to break the Streak. It was Undertaker’s legacy and the one thing that made him an all-time great.

      • Anna Nyoki

        Nonsense. The Undertaker signed off on it anyway. He can do whatever the hell he wants with it.

        And seriously, if you think the Streak is all that makes the Undertaker an all-time great you don’t know anything about wrestling. Period.

    • Hex

      Did the best he could? You do know the story lines are fabricated right? You do know Vince McMahon himself set that up. I haven’t watched since I was 14 and I was just as in shock, but it was certainly a company decision.

      • Anna Nyoki

        Storylines are fabricated, but a match obviously requires a degree of physicality that the Undertaker couldn’t match. He collapsed backstage, suffered a concussion and had to go to the hospital.

        In other words, Undertaker did the best he could given the circumstances. Is it really that hard to understand?

        As far as Vince setting it up, it’s certainly true that Vince has the final say-so still. But the storyline is set up by writers and a “superstar” like the Undertaker has the pull to agree or disagree to it. He wouldn’t have lost if he didn’t want to, in other words, because that’s the kind of pull he has in the company. This is common knowledge, so while it obviously was a company decision it also was a company decision the Undertaker signed off on. Again, not that hard to understand.

  • Artim Lani

    WWE Needs To Sign Lesnar To A Contract Where He’s On RAW/Smackdown Every Week, Competing In Matches, Challenging For Titles Etc. Not Coming Back Every 4-5 Months For A Few Weeks To Beat The Greatest Wrestler In History.
    Lesnar Should Start A Serious Feud With Someone Like Cesaro Or Roman Reigns, One That Could Last For Years, Like The Rock/Austin Feud.

    • Anna Nyoki

      Uh huh…

  • Artim Lani

    There Was A List Of People Who Deserved To End The Streak…
    -Triple H
    -John Cena
    -CM Punk
    -Stone Cold Steve Austin
    -The Rock
    There’s Plenty More Including Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair..But Obviously These Men Are No Longer Wrestler, As They Are Old Men Now, So I Didnt Include Them Onto The List.

  • nik

    apparently lesnar’s gonna get fired because vince mcmahon said after the match that undertaker was scripted to win but lesnar went against the script

    • Anna Nyoki


  • KingMarvel

    I’m fine with Lesnar ending the streak if it was actually a hard fought victory, but this was such a terrible match. It wasn’t a brawl, there wasn’t wrestling, just chopping out Taker’s leg and hitting him with F5s. I was stunned by the boredom & lackluster finish.

  • Layton Harman

    —– Here’s my video reacting to the streaking ending