Is Daniel Bryan the Next Dirty Job for Brock Lesnar?

By josephrandazzo
Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 30 Entrance
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There hasn’t been a dominant force like Brock Lesnar since, well, Brock Lesnar first arrived. Last night at Wrestlemania the unthinkable happened. Paul Heyman’s beast incarnate didn’t flinch on his mantra of eat, sleep, break the streak.

To the surprise of all 70,000 fans in the Superdome, the referee’s hand came down for a three count after Lesnar smacked Undertaker with his third F5. Undertaker once kicked out of a Sweet Chin Music/Pedigree combo inside Hell in a Cell, but Lesnar’s monstrous strength was too much for the icon. It was one of those moments you never expect to happen at Wrestlemania but I understood why.

You can’t keep show boating the same act for 21 years and have people stay interested. When the dog gets old you have to put it down. Somebody had to do the dirty job, and Lesnar was WWE’s resident Mike Rowe.

Since Lesnar beat the streak the next possible step is chasing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This begs the obvious question, though: Are the powers that be in WWE willing to break the hearts of the Yes Movement? Since they already smashed our world with Wrestlemania last night, it seems the answer might be yes.

Last Monday Triple H said we’re entering a new era, but he never guaranteed a healthy working environment. I have watched the Game since I was a child, and bad things happen to good people when he’s around. He once turned what was supposed to be the best day in Test‘s life into his worst one. With Triple H in charge good things might never happen.

The era we’re looking at isn’t for the kids. At some point Daniel Bryan will have to face Brock Lesnar and everyone might have to deal with the fact that the beast incarnate can shred through him. If the Undertaker at Wrestlemania can’t take him down then there may not be anybody who can.

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