WWE: Billy Gunn's Injury Should Keep Older Talent Away

By David Ridderhoff
billy gunn
Photo COurtesy of WWE’s Official Facebook Page

In case you missed it, Billy Gunn of the New Age Outlaws suffered a serious injury at WrestleMania XXX on the impressive Double-Triple Powerbomb performed by The Shield on both Gunn and his partner Road Dogg during their six-man tag team match. According to reports from the doctors, Gunn ruptured a blood vessel during the move, causing hemoptysis, which is medical terminology for coughing up blood.

Gunn is 50 years old and just returned to action in January along with Road Dogg, which led to a sixth reign as WWE Tag Team Champions for the New Age Outlaws. This angered many people who felt that the belts belonged to a younger team. Eventually, the New Age Outlaws lost the belts to The Usos on Monday Night Raw. From there, they joined Kane and helped attacks on The Shield.

This injury could push older talent away from returning, however. On a night in which the Undertaker was basically put into retirement and Cesaro was used to create a new “Hogan-Andre” moment, it is apparent that youth and energy have begun to reign supreme.

This style, while not entirely new, doesn’t fit the older bodies of these once-great wrestlers. Injuries like the one suffered by Gunn can be directly related to failing bodies that can’t continue to take beatdowns like those given in the WWE.

While some wrestlers may be able to go on to careers that last into their 50s and even further, Gunn’s injury should be a reminder to older wrestlers that their bodies aren’t what they used to be, and that they could suffer.

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