WWE Rumors: Rob Van Dam Set To Make Return?

By RantSports Staff
Rob Van Dam
WWE Facebook Page

WrestleMania 30 will go down as one of the best PPVs in WWE history. The event shocked and entertained the world, and you really can’t ask for much more when you’re talking about pro wrestling.

But unlike the NFL after the Super Bowl, WWE just keeps on trucking following its biggest event of the year. In fact, the night after Mania Raw episode is arguably the biggest/best Raw of the year. Why? We usually get an idea of where storylines are headed for the next several months, and of course, we get a lot of returns/debuts.

Brock Lesnar shocked the sports entertainment world when he returned the night after Mania two years back, and look at where he’s at today.

This year figures to be no different, as two big names are rumored to be making appearances on Raw.

Firstly, Sting is expected to make his company debut to set up a future match with The Undertaker. It’s something that can’t be topped in terms of a debut/return. However, one man is rumored to be making his return, and it’s one that should have much more of an immediate impact. That man, is Rob Van Dam.

If RVD doesn’t return on Raw tonight, I’ll be shocked. He was at the HOF induction ceremony this past Saturday and he’s openly acknowledged he’ll be returning to WWE TV in the near future.

What better time than the night after Mania and right before the Extreme Rules PPV?

RVD is extreme and has always embodied the hardcore spirit of ECW ever since he debuted in WWE back in 2001. Plus, he’ll help fill the post-Mania void, as Triple H and Undertaker don’t figure to be in any matches, anytime soon.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and who. When will RVD come back, and who will he work with? It’s too early to say for sure, but I’m betting he’ll be involved in some sort of No DQ match with an up-and-coming star next month in Brooklyn.


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