Cesaro Is A Paul Heyman Guy

By Dan Marsiglia
Paul Heyman, Cesaro and Zeb Colter
Courtesy of Paul Heyman – WWE Universe Facebook

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Cesaro revealed to the world on Monday Night Raw that he’s aligned himself with a new manager. His name? Paul Heyman.

What wasn’t surprising was Cesaro’s departure from Zed Colter and Jack Swagger. WWE had been teasing their breakup for quite some time, and Cesaro finally gave Swagger the Cesaro Swing at WrestleMania XXX. He then went on to claim victory in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

When Cesaro revealed to the WWE Universe that he is a “Paul Heyman guy,” the place absolutely exploded. In reality, it’s a great move for everyone involved.

Being with Heyman will elevate Cesaro even further in the eyes of the fans. The newly proclaimed “King of Swing” had already been catching fire due to his amazing athleticism and talent inside the ring, but now he has a world class mouthpiece to complete the whole package.

What’s intriguing about the whole scenario is that Cesaro is clearly pegged as a face, while Heyman is a heel who manages arguably the biggest heel in the company (especially after WrestleMania XXX), Brock Lesnar.

Unless Lesnar will be out of action for a spell due to the part-time nature of his contract, Heyman will have the unlikely task of being a heel and a face manager at the same time. If anybody can pull this off, Heyman is the one.

After Cesaro revealed his newest cohort, Swagger blindsided the Swiss strongman and destroyed his prestigious Andre the Giant statue (who didn’t see that coming?). A match between the former partners ensued, finishing with Swagger getting himself counted out. A rematch between Swagger and Cesaro seems like a safe bet for Extreme Rules on May 4.

It’s refreshing to see WWE get firmly behind a talent like Cesaro, but it’s also not hard to imagine why. He has the look and the size they like, and there’s no question that he can go once the bell rings. With full support from the company and Heyman by his side, there’s no telling where the ceiling ends for the King of Swing.

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