Is This The End Of Undertaker?

By Damian Seeto
Undertaker In Defeat
Image from Undertaker – WWE Universe Facebook

The Undertaker looks like he’s retired now after losing his undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX. Will he be back to wrestle any more matches?

The build up to WrestleMania XXX was a mixed bag for Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. Many people felt the build was poor as Lesnar looked too weak. With the rumors of Sting possibly coming to the WWE for the first time, many people overlooked Lesnar and assumed he would already lose.

Alas, everyone was shocked and stunned when Lesnar did the unthinkable and defeated Undertaker for the first time in a WrestleMania event. Nobody saw it coming because the match was slow and boring. Everyone just thought Undertaker would eventually get the win. I have to give WWE credit here, they surprised the world by letting Lesnar win in such a fashion.

Even though WWE didn’t advertise or hint that Undertaker is to retire soon, it’s possible fans saw his last-ever wrestling match at WrestleMania XXX. Undertaker handpicked Lesnar to end his streak and it was always assumed his last-ever match would be at WrestleMania where he loses. Not to mention Undertaker suffered a big concussion early in the match, which is why the match itself was slow and boring in the first place. Undertaker is also 49 years old and his body cannot take much more punishment.

I’m hoping Undertaker hasn’t retired just yet, because the selfish fan in me really wants him to face Sting at WrestleMania 31 next year. I also would like Undertaker to have a proper retirement match as his WrestleMania XXX loss came too suddenly and didn’t feel like a proper farewell. However, if Undertaker chooses to retire before WrestleMania 31, I respect his decision. His body is getting old and frail now and I don’t want him to end up crippled like other old-time wrestlers that don’t retire early.

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