Andre the Giant Battle Royal Hopefully At WrestleMania 31

By Damian Seeto
Cesaro Wins Battle Royal
Image from Antonio Cesaro – WWE Facebook Page

WrestleMania XXX’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal could also be an attraction for WrestleMania 31.

The Battle Royal was one of the main attractions for WrestleMania XXX. WWE hyped it up since Andre himself was undefeated when he competed in Battle Royal events back in the day. Not to mention this year’s event got more noticed when Hulk Hogan made an announcement on Raw. He also presented Cesero the trophy for winning this year’s event.

I won’t mind seeing the event becoming an annual attraction from now on. It gives many of the undercard wrestlers a chance to perform in front of the large crowd. Wrestlers like Zack Ryder or 3MB loved the fact that they actually competed in front of 75,000 people at WrestleMania XXX this year.

Also, WWE is in dire need of creating an event that separates WrestleMania from just being another PPV event. I still think it’s stupid that WWE no longer has Money in the Bank matches at WrestleMania. I know the event has its own PPV now, but it doesn’t feel special anymore.

Another event that made WrestleMania special in the past is now gone. Undertaker’s winning streak at the event was a highlight for many, but Brock Lesnar ended that. Undertaker looks like he might be retiring soon so WWE needs else something to make WrestleMania stand out.

The Andre the Giant Battle Royal is a good start. It may not be as exciting as seeing Undertaker’s Streak or Money in the Bank, but at least it’s something different. Maybe WWE can up the ante next year and the winner gets a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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