Video Preview of Jake The Snake Roberts Documentary Released

By RantSports Staff
Jake the Snake

One of the better stories in professional wrestling today is the resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts. In fact, that’s the title of an upcoming documentary put together by Diamond Dallas Page. It’s a movie that WWE fans have been looking forward to for awhile now, and a solid preview is finally here:

If that moment doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

Anybody who’s followed Jake Roberts’ career can tell you how far he’s come to get to this point. Two or three years ago, Roberts getting into the WWE Hall of Fame seemed unlikely to happen. He just wasn’t in a good enough place in his life to make it happen.

But now everything has changed, and it’s thanks in large part to DDP. Without him, Roberts doesn’t go into the HOF in 2014 and this powerful and inspirational documentary certainly doesn’t get made.

It’s not an overstatement to say that DDP saved Roberts’ life. He dealt with substance abuse for more than four decades and we all know there’s only so much abusing one body can take. With hard work, dedication and DDP Yoga, Roberts is now in the best place he’s been in years.

Wrestling fans across the globe had smiles on their faces as he took his rightful place in the HOF this past weekend, and it was just great to see him sober and happy with life.

This documentary is due out sometime in 2014 and it will surely be a hit with wrestling fans and maybe even some critics. DDP has said that the movie The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke has nothing on The Resurrection of the Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

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