WWE Rumors: Evolution Reunion Not Happening?

By RantSports Staff
WWE Evolution
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WWE fans got a taste of what could be to come on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw. The main event match between Triple H and Daniel Bryan ended up being a showdown between The Authority and The Shield.

Following the segment, rumors quickly began circulating on the internet about a possible Evolution reunion. Obviously, HHH, Randy Orton and Batista seem to be ‘on the same page’ again — but what about Ric Flair?

According to the Wrestling Observer, there are no plans to bring Flair back for a true Evolution reunion. Instead, it’s thought that HHH, Orton and Batista will team together against The Shield at Extreme Rules.

But that possible match raises a big question:

What happens with the WWE title picture? Orton is technically owed a championship rematch following his loss at WM 30, so if the three members of Evolution face off against The Shield, who faces Bryan at Extreme Rules?

An easily solution would be to have Orton get his title rematch on an episode of MNR prior to Extreme Rules on May 3rd. As for who might be inserted into the title picture after that, is anyone’s guess.

So as of now, the word is that HHH, Orton and Batista will only be working together in the short-term. Most fans will be okay with that, but most fans would also be okay with them teaming up over the long haul, as long as it’s booked right. Building The Authority up with more big stars certainly wouldn’t be bad for business.

We may get The Corporation 2.0, but it seems unlikely we’ll get Evolution 2.0.

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