Shawne Merriman Makes Wise Professional Decision In Joining WWE

By Steven Smith
Shawne Merriman
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll admit, when I was a kid, my friends and I always used to pretend like we were fighting for the WWF, now the WWE, championship belt. We had the belts, the music and the couch cushions. What 12-year-old kid didn’t want to take down Stone Cold Steve Austin back then? Like most kids though, I grew out of the phase. For others, like former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman, they never grow out of it.

The 29 year old who split time between the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills during his eight-year stint on the gridiron, has reportedly signed a contract with the WWE. According to multiple sources, it’s sort of been a long time coming. Last weekend, Merriman was a part of the WrestleMania pre-show. He has also been a part of some of the physical action, as he made an appearance at a WWE event back in 2008. has reported that he will be an announcer while training to become an actual wrestler. He tried out as a wrestler back in November, but was denied a spot on the active roster. Whether the WWE uses his voice or his muscles, Merriman wins. reports that longtime WWE announcer Michael Cole makes $2.5 million. The structure of his contract was not displayed, but regardless, that’s potentially some major green in the pocket of an energetic man virtually forced to retire before the age of 30.

If Merriman does end up acquiring the talent needed to become a WWE superstar, he won’t be short changed there either. Current WWE champion Daniel Bryan makes an estimated $675,000 per year. It’s obvious Merriman wouldn’t be making those figures right out of the gate, but nevertheless, it’s a whole lot more than you and I make.

If you think about it, Merriman’s health is also in better hands with the WWE than it is with the NFL. On the field, there’s no telling what could happen. In the ring, at least it’s scripted and he’ll know what’s coming.

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