Ultimate Warrior's Cause of Death Revealed

By RantSports Staff
Ultimate Warrior
WWE Facebook page

Everyone in the wrestling world was shocked and stunned by Ultimate Warrior‘s passing last week. It came just days after his hall of fame induction and not even 24 hours after fans saw him alive on television. Everyone wanted to know how and why.

Now we have the answer.

As many suspected, Warrior died of a massive heart attack caused by heart disease. For those wondering (Nancy Grace), there were no drugs in his system.

So while Warrior’s death will be chalked up to natural causes, he will unfortunately still be lumped into the long list of wrestlers who have died young. Because even though drugs didn’t directly kill Warrior, it’s pretty clear that his professional choices contributed to his untimely death.

It’s not fair to blame WWE for his passing. He was a bodybuilder before he began wrestling and his use of PEDs likely started well before he entered the squared circle. Sure, the culture of professional wrestling probably didn’t do his body any favors, but the same can be said for most who’ve chose the same career.

The lesson here is clear — take care of your body and think of all the consequences a particular job may have on it. Maybe Warrior would have died young regardless? It’s possible, but unlikely. Bodybuilding and pro wrestling likely contributed to his heart attack, but at the same time, he chose those careers.

There’s only so much one body can take. Unfortunately for Warrior’s family, his heart just couldn’t go on any longer. We can only hope that time will ease their pain and that the memory of Warrior will live on forever.



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