John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt At Extreme Rules Makes No Sense

By Dan Marsiglia
John Cena
Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook

It was inevitable that John Cena and Bray Wyatt would meet again after their encounter at WrestleMania XXX. Unfortunately, Cena winning the first contest hurt the program significantly.

What makes the situation even stranger is that it was Cena, not Wyatt, who posed the challenge of a cage match at Extreme Rules on May 4. Why? Cena pinned Wyatt clean at WrestleMania and took out the other two members of the Wyatt Family with ease. What else does Cena have to prove?

According to Cena, Wyatt needs to show that he can beat him without the help of his cohorts. This would make perfect sense had Wyatt actually defeated Cena with an assist from his friends at the show of shows. Except he didn’t. So why on earth would Cena be yearning for Wyatt to prove himself in a cage match?

It seems to me that the initial intention was to have Bray beat Cena at WrestleMania, presumably with outside interference. This would have seamlessly led to a cage match to create a “genuine” one-on-one scenario. Of course, cage matches in 2014 don’t mean what they used to, and outside antics are usually just as prevalent (if not more so).

Chances are the decision was made to have Cena go over once it was decided that the Undertaker was losing. There was little chance of both Undertaker and Cena being defeated on the same show, much less at WrestleMania.

Bray will likely win the rematch at Extreme Rules, and truth be told he needs to. Another loss to Cena will snuff out all of his heat and the Wyatt Family needs to stay strong. Cage matches are useful for heels because they can win via escape, avoiding the possibility of defeating a top babyface via pinfall or submission.

Sadly, that’s the only good news about this match. The setup makes no sense whatsoever, and it’s evident that Cena winning at WrestleMania was a mistake.

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