How to Fix the WWE Network's Disappointing Numbers

By josephrandazzo
WWE Network Preshow
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News broke Monday that the WWE Network is not considered a failure but more a major disappointment. Following Wrestlemania XXX the Network was totaled at 667,287 subscribers since it was launched in February. A week prior to the announcement financial analysts claimed that anything less than 850,000 subscribers was not a great sign but a workable number.

While the numbers may be a “disappointment,” at least the Network is being given a chance to grow. (Finally a WWE project which makes up for the XFL.) With time on their hands, the WWE needs to make few tweaks here and there.

In its current incarnation, it’s easy for your account to get a little stagnant in between pay-per-views. The biggest thing the WWE should focus on is finding a network which will allow Raw and Smackdown episodes to be posted right away.

Three hours every week becomes a little much and waiting a day so you can skip through Zack Ryder matches would be a nice improvement. That could be an actual advertisement scheme too; “Skipping through Zack Ryder matches with ease.” (Don Draper would be so proud of me right now.)

It’s nothing against Ryder, but I already know Rusev will crush him for mother Russia. At this point it is guaranteed that we won’t see Shelton Benjamin or 1-2-3 Kid theatrics. Right now you get this option with illegal streaming sites and the paid solution should be light years faster than the pimply streamer on PutLocker complaining John Cena won again.

A television network which might allow quick posting to the Network is AMC. Shows like the Walking Dead, Mad Men and Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men are posted a hours after the original air date on This network understands the immediacy of the internet and WWE should try their hardest to work with them.

Plus, AMC is short for American Movie Classics. WWE is a product built on history. If the McMahons end up getting the rights for Memphis Wrestling they have more classic clips to show on AMC that can go along with the Attitude, Sammartino and Hulkamania eras. This might be able to draw in an older demographic who fell out of wrestling to.

A smaller function the WWE should focus on is the search bar on the Network’s mobile app. It is absolutely awful. If I type in CM Punk I only get a few recent matches of his. It would be great if they got more specific with it. They should not allow fans the choice to leave WWE Network to research when Punk joined up with the ECW Originals. I might as well get the match on

Anything to keep fans on the site and off Google should be the way to go. I don’t care how much I love WWE. Never allow your audience to wander off to the most powerful research tool in human history.

The WWE should completely rip off Netflix’s search tool. It’s so specific. If I type in a director’s name, then all his movies come up. If I just type in Joe, then anything associated with Joe will appear. You don’t get this with the search bar on the WWE Network app. If you type in Brooklyn, you won’t even get the Brooklyn Brawler. What you’ll notice is that no search terms come up.

That’s such a no-no with search tools. They should improve it in a way, where if you type in Brooklyn, what you get is the Brooklyn Brawler, his short stint as the Boston Brawler, and every event held at the Barclay Center. Hell, Tazz matches need to come up too.

The WWE should also look into propaganda. Stop allowing Michael Cole to voice the greatness of the WWE App. Michael Cole isn’t cool. Humans listen to what’s cool. Just make Renee Young or someone cute like that be the face of the WWE Netowrk.

Stick her in every interview and make her voice all the mini documentaries. Make sure everyone watching Raw and Smackdown knows Young is he queen. If camels can make cancer sticks marketable, then anything is possible with a good face.

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