Roman Reigns May Become King Of WWE When John Cena Steps Down

By josephrandazzo
Roman Reigns Spears New Age Outlaws Wrestlemania
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This new era of wrestling is not just the reality era, it’s the passing-of-the-torch era with talents like Adam Rose and Bo Dallas set to debut on Raw, and Bray Wyatt taking up John Cena on his you-have-to-get-through-me challenge. Probably the most prominent passing-of-the-torch story though involves Evolution and The Shield.

The Shield is Evolution from a decade ago, minus the veteran leadership. It’s a group of future talents looking to make a mark in the WWE by taking out the old, and forcefully bringing in the new. Much like Batista and Randy Orton were in 2003, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are being looked at as future World Champions.

Of the three, the one guy who is set to break out for superstardom is Reigns. He has that comic book physique and charm the McMahon family clan loves to market.

You hear the term “face of the company” thrown around a lot during WWE shows and Reigns is making quite a case for being the next Cena. In his rookie year he essentially took out a whole Survivor Series team by himself, brutally ran through the best tag-team of the Attitude Era at Wrestlemania, and almost won the Royal Rumble on a night he broke the record for most eliminations.

More recently he speared Triple H, the viking king of the Attitude Era, out of his boots. This caused such a shockwave through the WWE Universe that The Game decided to bring back his most powerful group, Evolution. If Triple H is willing to dust off the old Motorhead entrance music then this shows how much he trusts the Shield and their unspoken leader, Reigns.

Now getting back to Cena and his you-have-to-get-through-me challenge; I think Reigns will take him up on it next. If Cena wants to go out with a bang then taking a spear by Reigns at Wrestlemania XXXI is the way to do it.

It can’t be a false finish either. Cena can kick out of the Superman Punch all he wants. That spear has to be one and one.

In his first year, Reigns dominated Wrestlemania, Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble. This year he has a shot at taking out Triple H and John Cena. That résumé for the face-of-the-company job application is getting bigger and bigger.

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