WWE Rumors: Could Brock Lesnar Face Steve Austin In Future?

By RantSports Staff
Stone Cold Steve Austin
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You never know what you’re going to hear on The Steve Austin Show. Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s popular podcast is always entertaining, especially if you’re a fan of pro wrestling. The Texas Rattlesnake has an assortment of wrestling personalities on his show, with some being from today, and some being from years past.

Paul Heyman was a recent guest on the SAS, and the two had one heck of a conversation. It took place two days before WrestleMania 30 and part two is set to be released shortly.

But during part one, a very interesting topic came up. The two were discussing Brock Lesnar and how he still hasn’t reached his peak as a pro wrestler, when Heyman proposed the idea of a bout between The Beast and Austin.

Instead of just laughing off the idea, Stone Cold said that he’d have to hit pause on the recorder for the two to continue discussing that match. Heyman then joked that fans were going to run wild with the idea since Austin didn’t shoot it down.

Well, he was right.

There are only a few people that Stone Cold would come out of retirement for, and Lesnar is definitely one of them. It would be a big money match that could headline a WrestleMania, no doubt about it.

Lesnar’s stock is at an all-time high following his ending of the streak and now there are really only a handful of opponents worthy of facing him at WM.

If anyone could talk SCSA into one more match, you’d have to think Heyman could. The feud and build would be done the right way and it would frankly just be pure money with those three involved.

Is it realistic to think that Austin will come out of retirement for one more match? No. Could his body withstand the punishment it’s sure to take from Lesnar? Maybe. But as they say in the world of pro wrestling, never say never.

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