Dolph Ziggler is the Best Wrestler in WWE: He Has How Many Losses?

By josephrandazzo
Alberto Del Rio Dolph Ziggler Concussion
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On Raw Jack Swagger reached a milestone in WWE with his 100th televised loss. He now joins Dolph Ziggler as one of the only two active wrestlers to have accomplished such a feat. I understand Swagger reaching this milestone but the fact that Ziggler has so many losses is just wrong.

When Ziggler finally won the World Heavyweight Championship the night after last year’s Wrestlemania it seemed like he was finally getting the push he deserved. We all thought his dropkicks and expert level bump-taking would finally be in the main event. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

One concussion and two pay-per-views later, Ziggler lost the title to Alberto Del Rio and was taken out of the main event so he can job on Main Event. Apparently the reason for this was because he said something in an interview that irked WWE management.

At this point the Brooklyn Brawler has more heat than Ziggler. People complained Daniel Bryan was buried between Summerslam and Wrestlemania XXX but at least he was involved in feuds. Ziggler has the look, promo skills, and moves of some of the greats, and he has been in nothing during that time. That’s the definition of buried.

His last four major programs were with Big E, Del Rio, Team Hell No, and John Cena. Each one of those feuds took place in 2013. From the end of last year up until now all we have seen from Ziggler was a competition of who can lose the most between him and Damien Sandow.

Every week I wait for him to be a part of something as huge as his talent and ego but it never happens. Waiting for a Ziggler break is taking as much time as Andy Dufresne chipping through the walls of Shawshank.

If you watch Tripe H’s Thy Kingdom Come documentary, he talks about how he was buried for a year because of the famed MSG incident. It took the Game stepping up in order for him to finally be recognized as the tremendous talent that he was. I’m hoping the punishment Ziggler received for his interview is just that.

This week Ziggler stepped up on a Hunter Hurst Helmsley level with Bryan not on Raw’s card due to his hooneymoon. He and Wade Barrett stole the show in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Even though he lost he was clearly the better performer in that match. (Of course this is usually the case with him.) I’m hoping this was the big break all the Ziggies out there have been waiting a year for.

If the big wigs in management didn’t notice him in his tournament match then I don’t know what else he can do.

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