WWE Rumors: Cesaro In Line For Main Event Push

By RantSports Staff
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All WWE fans can see that Cesaro is a rising star. In the months before WrestleMania 30 he started to pick up steam and get many crowds behind him, despite being part of a heel tag team. Then to WWE’s credit, they did the right thing by having him win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

The next night on Raw he joined forces with Paul Heyman, and the next chapter in his career began.

So what’s next for Cesaro?

Many think he’ll win the Intercontinental title tournament and go on to face Big E at Extreme Rules. There’s also the possibility of a grudge match with Jack Swagger. Swags could cost his former partner a win in the IC tournament and set up a match at ER.

Either way, Cesaro is going to have a bout on May 4th in New Jersey.

But the latest buzz around the King of Swing comes from the Wrestling Observer, and it’s in regards to his push. According to the Observer, WWE is planning to keep Cesaro somewhat of a face moving forward. They’re also said to be handing out ‘Cesaro Section’ signs to the crowd.

Future specific plans for the KOS could also include a bout with Brock Lesnar, sooner rather than later. The general consensus is that Lesnar will return at SummerSlam to face Daniel Bryan for the title, but now it appears a match with Cesaro is also on the table.

The report also notes that WWE is hoping that Cesaro will blow up like Bryan did, and that the company does see top-star potential in him.

We’ll have to see how things go, but as we saw with Bryan, there’s nothing wrong with taking the proper time to let things build.


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