Did Stone Cold Help Cesaro Become a Paul Heyman Guy?

By josephrandazzo
Cesaro Swing
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​It might not be a coincidence that Cesaro signed with Paul Heyman Inc. a few days after he and Steve Austin recorded a podcast. If you listen to his show you know Austin has been critical of Cesaro’s character. According to the Rattle Snake, the now king-of-swing needed just one change to put him over the top.

​Heyman standing behind Cesaro might be that change. Austin briefly mentioned to Heyman his Cesaro concern during the conversation which took place the week of Wrestlemania. Fast forward a few days later and Cesaro has a fancy black jacket, new manager and a marketable nickname.

​A potential Stone Cold vs. Brock Lesnar match may not have been the only thing to come from this podcast. If Austin really was the brainchild between this union, then maybe WWE should lock him and Heyman in a room together more often. The “millions of dollars” mantra of the Prime Time Players could be transferred to these two. It’s not like the tag-team is using it anyway.

​Heyman and Austin have a lot of history together. Back in WCW, before he was the Rattle Snake, Stone Cold was the original Paul Heyman Guy. If I’m not mistaken, they were paired up before the Hollywood Blondes got together.

​Then, when Eric Bischoff made the mistake of saying Austin didn’t have character, Heyman invited him to ECW and showed us all just how wrong Bischoff was. Heyman let Austin riff on the microphone and the wrestling world saw the diamond in the rough that WCW missed out on. After that, Austin took his new-found confidence and brought it to the WWF. From that point forward he became the biggest star in wrestling history.

​Heyman is an architect for untapped money-making potential, so he is the perfect match for Cesaro. The king-of-swing has all the potential in the world. We saw that with his matches against Sami Zayn, John Cena and Randy Orton. I trust Austin’s opinion of Cesaro needing one thing to put him over. If there is one person who can pull a “Yes Movement“-type gimmick out of him, it’s Heyman. He is the radioactive spider who transforms everyone into Spidermen.

​Of course, Cesaro isn’t just a mere man. Heyman will make him a king. If he does, we might have to thank Steve Austin for this.

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