Vickie Guerrero Gives Paul Heyman a Run for His Money as a Heel

By josephrandazzo
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I have this fantasy that when Eddie Guerrero died the WWE gave Vickie the largest contract in wrestling history. It’s a sort of reparation.

If this did happen then I’d say she earned her keep as one of the most dominant heels ever. Vickie Guerrero drew more heat than John Cena in the last ten years by only yelling “excuse me.” She never had an entrance song or merchandise. All she did by getting over was to get under people’s skin.

Her laugh might be one of the most spiteful in WWE’s history. It was so shrill the cameras picked it up when she was across the ring from them without a microphone. That’s powerful being that she has an arena full of people booing her.

Vickie fit every role she was put into. Whether it be GM or a manager, she connected with the crowd on such a poisonous level. It looks like she created this fiendish character all on her own too. You know who else did that?

A man by the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He took an otherwise bland character in the Ring Master and turned it in to gold. Vickie turned a passive phrase like “excuse me” and turned it to heel gold.

Eddie Guerrero might be one of the most beloved wrestlers in wrestling but his widow is so good at being vile, her association with him stopped mattering. The second you hear her say “excuse me” the entire crowd gives out a vitriolic boo. They never stop booing until she leaves. Who else does that happen to? Right now you can tell the “Cena sucks” chants are dying. She’d still draw that same venomous heat though.

I remember one segment in 2010 with her and Cena in the ring. For ten minutes, between her entrance, Cena calling her fat, and the commercial break, the boos never died down. The crowd was on their eight wind by minute seven and they could have kept going if she was out there longer.

Vickie Guerrero is such a presence that maybe the reason Dolph Ziggler’s push ended was because she was no longer associated with him. I know the argument against this is that Ziggler became champion with AJ and Big E in his corner but look how long that lasted. Maybe with Vickie he would have actually kept the championship longer. Her heat brings attention and attention means money. Money means more and longer title reigns.

I’ll also pose quite another controversial thought. In terms of being a GM and also a manager, she gives Paul Heyman a run for his money. If Heyman is Muhammad Ali, then she’s Frazier.

Heyman is one of those rare talents who transcends being a heel and is loved for his dirty work. Guerrero on the other hand has consistently been hated since she went from being married to one of the nicest guys in the business, to marrying one of the dirtiest, in and out of the sheets, in Edge. Even the so called smart fans in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago haven’t caught on to how great her work as a heel has been.

You have to put her up there in the list of the most hated people in wrestling with Bobby Heenan, the Grand Wizard, Vince McMahon, Rey Mysterio at this year’s Royal Rumble. Each one is well respected for their place in history and deservedly so.

I just don’t find it fair that she won’t be as respected as  any of them. The whole point of performing is to illicit a reaction and she did it better than most of the roster who wrestled around her.

I’m not surprised by how good her body of work is. Vickie’s last name is Guerrero. This family takes the craft of wrestling and brings it to a level that’s far ahead of its time. For the smarks to not even realize this shows how great she’s been.

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