Chris Jericho Is The Reason Why Goldberg's Potential WWE Return Is A Terrible Idea

By josephrandazzo
Chris Jericho Goldberg Beef
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Every now and then, the internet creates rumors regarding a match between Ryback and Goldberg. Now it’s good to take internet speculation with a grain of stale JR’s barbeque sauce, but it seems the sweat hog nerds of the internet wrestling community may have been on to something.

During a recent interview, Goldberg said he had been speaking to Triple H. While this is a good sign for Goldberg fans, not one of these talks involved the words “Ryback” or a return set in stone.

What Goldberg revealed is that he was only going to come back if the situation was right. As of now, he is cool with the legacy he left behind following Wrestlemania XX. He doesn’t plan on putting his body on the line for just any opportunity. Anybody waiting for the Goldberg vs. Ryback match will have to wait until WWE 2k15. The create-a-wrestler technology is really great these days, so you can make your very own Goldberg face one half of Rybaxel.

I respect Goldberg’s legacy. He, Ric Flair, the Cruiserweights and Chris Jericho were some of the few bright spots of WCW. These guys had more than half a brain to realize it meant more to their careers to not be in some variation of the NWO.

With that said, that’s about all I really cared for in terms of Goldberg. He doesn’t seem like the type who likes to make talents other than him look good. I’m not saying this as some IWC conspiracy theorist either. The man has a noted history of this. According to Jericho, Goldberg was a walking stiff. On the Talk is Jericho podcast, Jericho mentioned that Goldberg was legitimately angry that Y2J beat a miniature version of him in WCW.

I don’t know about you, but anybody who doesn’t enjoy a midget parody of themselves isn’t the type of person you want on your television programming.

The midget incident prompted Jericho to berate Goldberg for about four or five more weeks. When the idea of having a pay-per-view match with a real wrestler like Jericho was given to Goldberg, he refused. According to Jericho, Goldberg went hunting instead. I don’t want that guy anywhere near Ryback, or any other young talent in the WWE. If there is one thing Jericho taught us about Goldberg, it’s that he doesn’t like putting guys over. Triple H shouldn’t be given the stigma as a guy who buries talent, but instead that should go to Goldberg.

I’m sure there were other instances of Goldberg dropping potential stars just so he could have another scripted notch in his belt, but those stories never came out. If Goldberg came back, he’d want to be dominant. Somehow, I’m sure this would lead to Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg II and nobody wants that. (Poor Brock.)

Plus, knowing that Jericho beat Goldberg up in a Raw locker room fight (which probably started the same way Billy Bats and Tommy’s spat did in Goodfellas), it wouldn’t make much sense to see Goldberg in a match with a real fighter like Lesnar. The WWE might be scripted, but they have to have some sort of reality to it.

If we’re hoping for a comeback, then the one that we should all be looking forward to is the return of Y2J Chris Jericho. This is a man who showcases five-star matches every night and has no problem putting over talent for the good of the WWE’s future. The guy with the spear and shoulder block should stay home with his shine box.

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