Cesaro Is Losing Momentum

By Dan Marsiglia
Cesaro and Rob Van Dam
Courtesy of Cesaro – WWE Universe Facebook

When Cesaro officially split from the Real Americans the day after WrestleMania XXX, it appeared that his path to glory would be swift. He had Paul Heyman as his manager, the company was behind him and the fans were starting to respond to him like a top guy. What could possibly go wrong?

For one thing, Cesaro’s new music is an atrocity. It’s a long siren followed by the most generic hard metal you will ever hear. It doesn’t even remotely reflect the character. As soon as you hear it, visions of jobbers will dance through your head. When Cesaro first started appearing with Heyman, he didn’t have any entrance music at all. He was better off.

However, all would be right in the world once he won the tournament to become the No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Naturally, he would go on to defeat Big E Langston for the belt at Extreme Rules. Instead, Jack Swagger caused him to lose his spot in the tourney via count-out against Rob Van Dam.

Cesaro’s momentum took yet another hit, but fear not; the King of Swing will surely get his revenge on Swagger at Extreme Rules. This will prove once and for all he’s the better man, allowing him to move on to bigger and better things.

Well, it turns out that Swagger and Cesaro will have their match on Friday Night SmackDown. Talk about a major step down. It’s still possible that something happens during the match that leads to a clash at the “Special Event” on May 4, but the WWE probably hasn’t thought that far ahead yet.

The WWE also teased problems between RVD and Cesaro after their contest on Monday Night Raw. Still, it’s useless to play the role of armchair booker and ponder different creative possibilities. In all likelihood, the WWE already has no idea what to do with the guy. It comes across like they’re throwing different things at the wall to see what sticks.

On the bright side, it’s difficult to envision Cesaro slipping totally under the radar with Heyman by his side. Heyman can keep Cesaro relevant even while he toils aimlessly up and down the mid-card. Heyman will give him focus and direction, even if the WWE doesn’t know how (or doesn’t want to).

Truth be told, Cesaro is probably better off without the Intercontinental title. The track record for IC champs in the WWE over the last decade has been ghastly to say the least. The belts never get defended and the champions lose regularly on television to get other wrestlers over. Look at Big E Langston’s reign as IC champ and you’ll see what I mean.

As nice as it would be to have Cesaro come in and make the IC belt relevant again, it’s more important to establish Cesaro as a main-eventer. The chances of him getting over big as IC champion were always going to be slim. Cesaro is clearly at a crossroads, but his momentum has taken an undeniable hit. We’ll know more about the direction the character moves in a few weeks, but he’s really not off to a great start on his own.

Will things turn around for the Swiss Superman, or will Cesaro continue to languish in no-man’s land? Time will tell, but the least WWE can do is come up with different entrance music. Fast.

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