How Long Before Kane's Gimmick Changes Again?

By josephrandazzo
Kane Mask
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Last night, the Big Red Machine donned the mask again and gave his Daniel Bryan three tombstones. If you’re keeping count, this is the fourth time Kane has decided whether the mask should stay on or off.

While it’s great to see the monster in his truest form again, I don’t think we should be getting used to it. History has shown that Kane flips between a savage, corporate guy and comedy character on a consistent basis. There is this weird formula with him. He can only be mean for  so long before he dances with Too Cool.

Between Kane’s debut and taking off his mask for the first time, we saw more of the monster. Toward the end of that run, Kane showed everyone he was a Hulkamaniac and that he could manage a friendship with the Hurricane.

Kane actually holds the friendship record in the WWE. He has been as good at literally burning bridges as he is at making friends. Kane has held tag team gold with Big Show, Hurricane, Undertaker, X-Pac, Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley and Rob Van Dam. He has even tagged with Rikishi while he was doing his dancing fool thing.

Of course, all that came to an end when he finally showed us what was under the mask and revived the monster gimmick. He lit JR on fire and even decided to crush Shawn Michaels’ trachea with a steel chair.

That lasted up until he danced to Santino’s theme song.  Once maskless Kane finished, he came back in full monster force and destroyed Zack Ryder. Of course, once again, his reign of terror lasted less than a year and he found himself hugging it out with Bryan. At one point, he even lit a barbeque with his flames. Impressive, but not very monster-like.

Seeing Kane destroy Bryan last night didn’t move me. It is just business as usual for Kane’s bipolar personality. Dr. Shelby must be pissed. Still, he has nothing to worry about being his previous stint as monster didn’t last long. Give it a month and he’ll be in a dance contest with Fandango or breaking out matching cobras with Emma and Santino.

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