Will John Cena Turn Heel After His Feud With The Wyatt Family?

By Dan Marsiglia
John Cena and Hulk Hogan
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It seems that every couple of years, there’s speculation as to whether or not John Cena will turn heel. Well, his current program with the Wyatt Family has opened the door yet again.

Cena always receives mixed reactions on television and people love to boo him. His current program with the Wyatts is interesting because they’re acknowledging that fans are turning against him in favor of Bray Wyatt‘s lunacy. When you look at Cena’s facial expressions, he’s trying to express exasperation and disappointment in the fans for choosing to side with Bray.

It seems all too logical for Cena to turn on the fans for giving up on him, leading to what could be one of the most memorable heel turns in company history.

Fuel was added to the fire on Monday Night Raw when fans were given the opportunity to vote for Cena’s opponent(s) in the main event. Instead of having Cena face Luke Harper in a singles match or both Harper and Erik Rowan in a handicap match, fans voted for Cena to take on all three members of the Wyatt Family in a 3-on-1 handicap match.

Talk about a raw deal! Amazingly, instead of playing up how the fans had deserted Cena, the announcers spoke as if the fans were helping him. You see, the only way Cena could have gotten his hands on Bray was to vote for the 3-on-1 handicap match. Makes sense, right?

After listening to asinine commentary like that, it’s all too evident that the WWE has no intention of turning Cena heel; at least not yet. To be honest, it’s not hard to understand why the WWE is hesitant to pull the trigger.

Cena is still the top face in the company. His merchandise sells something along the lines of five times that of the No. 2 seller, and tickets to house shows usually don’t sell well unless he’s on the card. The real question is, can he draw more money as a heel than as a face?

Obviously there’s no way to prove he can or can’t unless they turn him, so we may never find out. However, we do know the ratings for Raw took a substantial hit in the third hour, an hour that was built solely around Cena’s mystery match with the Wyatts. The show started with 4.22 million viewers, which rose to 4.40 for the second hour. Unfortunately, the third hour dropped to 3.80.

Maybe fans aren’t interested in Cena’s feud with the Wyatts. They’ve done some innovative and interesting angles, but Cena beating Bray at WrestleMania really let the air out of the balloon. Cena has nothing left to prove against the Wyatts and fans know that, yet we’re supposed to buy that he needs to defeat Bray in a cage match? Nobody cares.

It’s a debatable point, but John Cena needs to turn heel. The company is sorely lacking for villains, and Cena as a heel could be hot business. Let’s play arm-chair booker for a minute: imagine bad guy Cena feuding with Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over the summer? Seems like a license to print money.

There were rumors heading into WrestleMania that Cena would be a top focus after the Show of Shows. He has certainly been a focal point, but there’s no denying his character has a certain level of staleness. He still sells tickets and merchandise, but it’s hard to believe he’s not capable of more.

A heel turn would liven up his character, adding punch to the same routine we’ve seen for the last decade or so. We saw it work wonders for Hulk Hogan when he joined the nWo, so why wouldn’t it work for Cena? Cena is more than capable of working as a heel, which we saw earlier in his career. In fact, he’s pretty darn great at it.

Cena is eventually going to turn, but my gut tells me we’re not going to see it any time soon. It’s a shame, because it would revitalize his career and make for some fascinating programming along the way.

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