WWE: Raw Ratings Drops A Lot This Week

By Damian Seeto
John Cena In Action
Image from John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

After the buzz of WrestleMania XXX and sad passing of Ultimate Warrior, the Raw ratings plummeted this week.

The episode of Raw after WrestleMania XXX did huge numbers as viewers tuned in to see who the big winners were from the night before. Daniel Bryan‘s victory was celebrated by many while Undertaker‘s loss made headline news. Raw averaged well over five million viewers throughout the whole three hours. This was an improvement compared to last year.

The Raw the week after was dedicated to the memory of Ultimate Warrior. That show averaged 4.77 million viewers. This is a good number as anything close to 5 million viewers is impressive. It’s also worth mentioning that the show did not include Bryan as he was on his honeymoon.

With things going well, I thought the WWE was starting to finally hit their stride. Raw has been pretty good and it looked like they were finally pulling the trigger on pushing young stars. Sadly, this week’s Raw show pulled low numbers and it seemed to be back to “normal” again. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that viewers aren’t interested in the current storylines.

The first hour drew 4.224 million viewers and the second hour drew 4.395 million viewers. The third hour is where things got bad as it only drew 3.799 million viewers. Anything below four million viewers is not a good sign.

To be fair, Raw was going up against the NBA Playoffs at the same time. Not to mention, the main event featured John Cena facing The Wyatt Family in a handicap match. I guess all of the Cena haters thought it wasn’t worth watching as they’re sick of seeing Cena altogether.

Hopefully ratings don’t plummet too much as pushing young stars is what’s needed right now. The last time ratings were low, the WWE responded by making Cena the World Heavyweight Champion again. Sure, Cena is popular, but he’s cannot be around forever to bail out the WWE during hard times.

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