X-Men Star Hugh Jackman Returning To Raw Is Best For Business

By RanterX
Hugh Jackman Raw
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It’s a good thing that the Raw guest host era is over. A few years ago it seemed like a decent concept and a good way to get extra eyeballs on the WWE product. But now in 2014, the product itself is much stronger.

WWE is as good of a wrestling company as its been in a long time. The proper amount of TV time is devoted to matches and there’s far less BS between segments and just less BS in general.

However, there’s still something to be said for branching out and bringing in a star from another realm. Thankfully, the guest host concept has been replaced by the ‘guest star’ concept. Instead of random celebrities acting like one-night GMs, we just get a couple segments from the guest star, which of course always includes the product they’re trying to sell.

In the case of Hugh Jackman, he’ll be returning to Raw next Monday to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past. But unlike other past guest hosts, Jackman will be welcomed back as a guest star.

This is why:

If you polled the WWE Universe (a real one), it’s a safe bet that Jackman would be voted the best guest host of all time. His socking of Dolph Ziggler in face is a moment that will live on forever. WWE loves celebrity connections, and they’d replay the moment based on that alone, but Jackman’s working punch was straight up awesome. He sold it, Ziggler sold it and the crowd ate it up.

Afterwards, the media ate it up — which is all WWE is really after.

We’ll have to see what they have planned for Wolverine this time around, but you know that they’ll try to equal or better his previous moment with Ziggler.

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