WWE Rumors: Undertaker's Streak Not Originally Planned To End At WrestleMania?

By RantSports Staff
WWE Official Facebook Page

With WrestleMania 30 now almost three weeks in the past, shock from The Undertaker losing has worn off. Most fans have come to terms with the streak ending and have moved on. But everyone still wants to know why.

Who’s call was it to have The Deadman lose and have his famous streak come to an end?

The general consensus is that Taker had to be okay with it. But whether it was his idea, or he just went along with someone else’s idea is uncertain.

The latest reports will just add confuse to the situation.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Taker was scheduled to pick up the victory in the days leading up to WM 30, and that a last minute change was made. It’s thought that Vince McMahon made this change based on UT’s physical state.

No one really knows for sure who pitched the loss first. Was it Vince? Was it Taker? Either way, they obviously settled on the loss. (UT’s planned win could have also been a smokescreen to prevent an internet leak.)

At this point it doesn’t really matter who came up with the idea, because the deed has been done. The streak is over and it looks like the same could be said for Taker. He looked bad during that match. Sure, he’s great at selling, but he just flat out looked old and feeble against Brock Lesnar. Plus, there’s the concussion situation on top of everything else.

Whether the loss will prove to be good for business is yet to be determined. If Lesnar builds upon his victory and uses it to further his WWE stock, then it’s a win. But if he remains part-time and PPV only, it’ll be tough to understand why.

If it was UT’s last match, it’s not surprising that he went out with a loss. That’s the old school way to go and we all know Undertaker is as old school as it gets.


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