WWE Teases Sting vs. Undertaker Match

By RantSports Staff
Sting vs. Undertaker
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Anyone who’s ever searched for information on a possible Sting vs. Undertaker match has surely stumbled across a fake promo video. Wrestling nerds take it upon themselves to create WWE-like build promos for matches they think will happen at an upcoming event.

But when it comes to the topic of Sting vs. Undertaker, WWE has remained quiet. That is, until now. Believe it or not, WWE.com has posted a fantasy match video featuring none other than The Deadman and The Icon.

Is WWE just trolling the Universe? It’s possible. But at the same time, they could just be foreshadowing the obvious.

Since the streak is over, and since UT’s career is close to over, there’s really only a couple of matches that make sense for him at WrestleMania 31. You can throw John Cena out the window — that match is not going to happen now that the streak has ended.

If WWE goes the up-and-coming route they could always throw Bray Wyatt up against Taker.

But the obvious match is with Sting. After all these years he seems to finally be on WWE’s side and he’s even reportedly been alluding to an appearance at WM 31. (No one knows for sure if he’s officially signed a contract though.)

If Taker can still go at even 85 percent, this dream bout needs to happen. If for no other reason, just to appease the millions of loyal fans who have watched the Deadman and Icon over the years. The match won’t be great, but even in their 50s, the two legends will put on a show.

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