WWE: Emma Turning on Santino Would Be a Fantastic Heel Turn

By josephrandazzo
Santino Cobra
Photo Courtesy of Santino Marrella – WWE Universe Page

Nice guys are destined for doom in this world and especially the world of Monday Night Raw. With that said, Santino and Emma’s “friendship” can only last so long. He had his chance to make his move and never took it.

At some point down the line, someone like the Big Deal Titus O’Neil will swoop in for Emma’s affection and lay out Santino. People will boo and be angry, but I won’t blame her when she switches.

Not only has Santino goofied up his chances, he’s been stagnant for a while now. His big moment came during his debut when he won the Intercontinental Title. Since then, it has been all cobras and betting on the wrong horse in Teddy Long.

Titus O’Neil, on the other hand, has more use for Emma. He is on the up and up in WWE and all he needs is that one thing to start putting him over. Clothes-lining Santino during some danceoff and carrying Emma away in his arms is the way to start that. It benefits both of them in the end.

There are also way too many female faces on the WWE roster. Paige, the female Stone Cold Steve Austin, is already beloved by fans, so a heel turn by the sweet and lovable Emma would make things interesting.

Right now, female wrestlers in WWE either are liked for being heel or ignored. Emma turning on Santino would give her heat by the slobby nerds in the wrestling audience who want ECW’s blood, but at the same time think nice guys finish last. We haven’t seen good heat on a woman since Lita.

Titus O’Neil doesn’t have to be the only choice for Emma’s affection. If she missed out on college, she could catch up on her experimental phase by shacking up with Eva Marie or Rosa Mendes. A nice low blow on Santino by Emma and her new lady friend would be a cool heel turn too.

The possibilities are endless with Emma being that her character is so lovable. Usually in WWE, it’s always the sweet ones in wrestling who make the vilest of villains. Plus this would be a nice transition into us all becoming a part of team nice-guys-deserve-to-finish-last.

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